Monday, May 12, 2014

"Warm weather, New Home & Comp, Sheering "Spitting" Alpacas, Hidden LA's in Norwood, & Awkward Closing Prayer."


Hello all my friends out there! Haha, oh man. THIS WEEK. Where do we begin? I have too much info to fit into one email... ok.... deep breath....

Let's talk.

1. So first big news... IT'S SO WARM. Like, drive with your window down, short sleeves, feet getting a little sweaty in your flats, warm. I LOVE IT. Which leads me to my second big news...

2. WE GOT TRANSFER CALLS. and well... I'm leaving Norwood. It's kind of a rough leave. Bitter sweet. I feel like it's my time to go and it's definitely what's best for me and the area, but as I've been saying goodbye to everyone it's been really sad. But on the plus side, I'M GOING TO CORNING, NY! I heard good things about Corning. Like, it's where glass was invented, it's super cute, its THE MOST SOUTHERN part of our mission (talk about a change) and (here's the best part) THERE'S A TARGET. Hello civilization! This may be the biggest "city" I've served in yet... and we can pretty much guarantee it's going to be tiny. Still, I'm stoked for a new change, to go down state (WHERE ITS EVEN WARMER)! and to meet my new comp Sister Fiefia! and speaking of calls....

3. YESTERDAY I CALLED HOME! Hey everyone do you remember that? Haha. It was too weird. Even weirder was the fact that that was my last call home before I'm back in the 801. Crazy. But it was cool to chat with everyone and all that good stuff :) (Shout out to Hollie and Nat for writing me a sweet missionary song ;) ) and on a completely unrelated note...

4. THIS MORNING WE SHEERED ALPACAS. It was super funny. I almost got spit on. Dude, it was a dream come true.

But anyway, back to the work.

1. We had such a bomb lesson with an investigator. We taught her about the Book of Mormon and she was so excited to read it! It's so encouraging to see someone so ready and excited for God's word. When we first presented it she was like "Oh, I will have to see if I can find time to squeeze it in.." and by the end she was like "I have time every night that I could be reading this!" SO GOOD.

2. Ok ok ok. Remember last week how I was going off about us finding less-actives out the wazoo. Well, welcome to this next fine story. So one of our investigators, (mentioned previously) told us to go and try to teach her mom. So naturally we did #referral.  Well she invites us in and we start teaching her the first lesson. She's feeling good about it and then she goes "Wait. You guys are Mormon's right?" and we are like "why yes, yes we are." Then she says "Oh I've been baptized into your church!" LIKE WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON IN NORWOOD! I kind of just mentally threw my hands in the air and yelled "OF COURSE YOU HAVE!" (don't worry that was only in my head!) But then she continued to tell us how she had been excommunicated but would like to come back! Oh, Norwood is too funny of a place.

3. Then we see another person (another surprise member of the church) and last week we had given her a Book of Mormon. Before we had a chance to say anything she said "I've been reading your bible and its made me so much more peaceful." It was a really sweet moment. I'm telling you guys, the powers in the book! :)

4. We FINALLY saw an investigator couple again. It wasn't a bad visit, but you could tell they were a little distraught. They kind of laid it on the line for us and told us they were never getting married or baptized. So that was tough. But we are still praying and fasting for them so we aren't giving up! I just pray that the new sister will be able to help them out! Aaah, missionary worries.

5. And we found one more investigator and had possibly THE MOST awkward moment.  We had met him once before. He's way nice and has a lot of deep questions. So we were teaching him the restoration, and in the new teaching method that we've been using you are supposed to ask them to offer the closing prayer and then have a moment of silence with them to help them feel the spirit. Rad. It should all work and create a super spiritual experience... in theory. So we introduce the idea and he consents that he will say the closing prayer. So we all bow our heads and close our eyes.... and wait..... and wait.... and it's just silent. He doesn't say anything for like 2 minutes. So finally I look over at Sister Davis and she is awkwardly looking at me, then we both look at Tom and he looks at us.... then says "well, thanks for coming over!" OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS SO AWKWARD! I tell ya, those North Country folk! Haha!

Well, that's the gist for this week... OH WAIT #quotes

"You mature.... but you never grow up.... or something like that. Its a quote!" -Elder

"Ya, he's an addiction recovery addict." -Elder

"Hannah Montana songs do everything a good sister training leader should do!"


Sister Langford

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