Friday, March 29, 2013

Fab Five Friday: Spring is in the Air

It's Friday ya'll! That means we get to have fun recapping my week! ah yeah! So folks, here are the top five moments...

I got to see my best friend leave for her mission. It's bittersweet really! I am so proud of her, and her decision to serve the people of Bolivia, but its hard to see her go! She hasn't even been gone a week and I already miss her face!

Last Sunday we celebrated Easter with the Langford side of the family. I mean, when this family gets together it is always a bundle of fun. Gotta love the Langford Clan and all their shenanigans.

(It's an old picture, but I feel it illustrates my point)

I went and say my former high school's production of Les Mis with my aunt, sister, and mom. And let me tell you, it was fantastic! The Peak really crushed it!

I realize I talk about this a lot, but seriously getting letters from missionaries is always the highlight of my week. Check out this cool pic of my dear friend Jake who is serving in Fiji right now! I mean, come on! How could you not love receiving that?

Just enjoying the weather right now, because its phenomenal! I really love Spring days (in case you didn't catch that already) and I need them to keep rollin'!

(Yes I stole this picture from Google... I mean, we aren't quite there yet, but I feel hopeful that campus will soon look like this again!)

Well, thats all for today folks! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday: 10 Things That Keep me Goin'

You. guys.
Its freaking Thursday. Which obviously means tomorrow is Friday. Which means hello weekend!


I'm not even going to lie, I'm in love with the weekend.

Anyway, today for Thoughts for Thursday I want tell you about 10 quirky things that really make me happy. Lets be real, its the small things that keep me going.

Here's the list:

1. Jennifer Lawrence. I'm being serious right now. Whenever I see a meme with her, or watch a video, my life is instantly better. So, like, watch this montage of her so you can fully grasp my love. #girlcrush

2. You know like when you get a new tube of chapstick? And the first time you use it is heaven? Ya. I live for that first use of new chapstick.

3. Hearing from missionaries. I have three missionaries out (I'm sorry, can we talk about how annoying it is when someone says that a missionary is "THEIR missionary"? I'm like thats weird I didn't know that when you left on a mission people could claim you as their own...) and I get super excited when i get a letter or email. Its so nice to hear from my best friends!

4. Snapchats. Whenever I see I have a sweet new snapchat I get real excited. Everyone should snap chat.

5. Singing. Here's the deal. I'm terrible at singing. Like its really not good. But you know I'm really happy when I am singing! My ideal moments in life are when I am driving around with the windows down and belting out Taylor Swift. Also, my roommate and I communicate through song. Its cute really.

PS. I didn't know what pic to put here so I went with this cat. mozel tov.

6. Juicy pens. Have you ever started writing with a pen and it just flows? That's my heaven. Man I love juicy pens!

7. Harry Potter references. Whenever someone references Harry Potter in a casual conversation I fall in love with them.

8. This video. I'm sorry its just too good! Jimmy Fallon kills it.

9. Diet Coke. If there is anything that can get me through a hard day its a large Diet Coke. My best friend (who is now on the mish) got me addicted. In her words "Anything can be fixed with a large Diet Coke and an aspirin" #DC4lyfe

10.  This picture. It honestly keeps me going guys.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure.


Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Forever Plaid

Now that spring is upon us, it may be hard to put away some of your favorite winter pieces. Well i'm here to tell you that you don't have to! Keep those puppies rollin' into the Spring weather!

I chose to show you how I am going to keep wearing my favorite winter plaid button up!

 Look 1:

 I feel like mixing the patterns gives the plaid button up a fresh feel! Pairing it with a light lace top, and cropped polka-dot jeans pulls it out of a wintery fog into the Spring sun!

Plaid button up: Old Navy (I couldn't find it only, but I know they still have some kickin' around clearance in store) Lace Top: old (similar here)  Jeans: Gap  Watch: Target  Shoes: Gap (Sold out now, similar here)

Look 2:

Tied up over a dress? Perfect way to keep this button up light and springy!

Necklace: Campus Floral (@ BYU! Don't question that place!) Dress: Target

Look 3:

ya... sometimes I struggle with taking these photo shoots seriously! Also, check out the sweet fisher dude in the background (I told you he would be in it Katy)

Shorts: Gap    Glasses: Urban Outfitters   Necklace: Forever 21

Well, thats all for today folks! Remember, stay classy and always wear your plaid!


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trend Tuesday: The Vintage Swimwear

Today I want to start with a little reminder of last weeks episode of New Girl

Unfortunately, blogger hates me and wouldn't let me upload the video... BOO FOR BLOGGER! But I got this sweet meme! If you would still like to watch the video click on this link. So you may be wondering how this ties in... well today we are talking about VINTAGE SWIMWEAR! And so like.. when you swim... there are fish...


If there is one thing I become obsessed with this time of year its swimsuits. As soon as I get even a glimpse of warmth I start swimsuit shopping. Its a problem really. Since this year I can't actually buy a swimsuit (it would be counter productive seeing as I'm leaving for my mission in May) I am choosing to pass on all of my swimsuit knowledge to you!

The biggest trend in swimwear right now is the vintage look! Which is awesome for mormon girls because it means MODEST! holla!

My favorite vintage swimsuits and where to find them...

Urban Outfitters

Top Shop


So anyway, those are my favorite! I suggest you jump on these cutie vintage suits before they're gone! Enjoy the water... but avoid those fish. They clearly cannot be trusted!


Monday, March 25, 2013

Mish Monday: You are Hereby Called to Serve...

Hello peeps! Welcome to Mish Monday Episode 2!

Today my post is directed at those of you who are either waiting for your call, putting your papers in soon, or are just planning on going on a mission some day! I want to talk about the over powering question that eats at your mind until you have the answer...


It's seriously overwhelming. The anxiety only picks up once the papers are in. And then, once people know you are waiting for your call they always ask you the same question...

"So, where do you want to go?"

I guess that is more what I want to talk to ya'll about today. You see, it is easy to get caught up in the trap of "well it would be so fun to go to..." Trust me I get it. We think we know what would be best for us, or what would be most fun. Some people absolutely have their heart set on going foreign, or learning a language... but let me tell you something, that's not why you are going. And if it is, do a study abroad or go on a vacation to that dream place. You are not going on a mission to learn a language or see cool sights (although those things may happen) You are going out to serve the Lord.

So before I got my call (like the day before) I was super nervous about where I was going to go. I was nervous about going to a scary foreign country. Nervous about learning a language. Nervous about being disappointed... just nervous. I decided to say a prayer to find comfort. I felt like I had received new insight on the matter. I felt comforted, so I decided to write in my journal so I could remember the important lesson I had learned. I wrote...

"I know this will be challenging, but I also know it will be one of the most rewarding and life changing experiences I can have. I know I don't know where I'm going, but it doesn't really matter. I know where ever I go, I'm going because God knows I can do my best there. I can serve the people and serve my Heavenly Father. I hope I can be an influence for good where ever I go!"

I finally realized that it doesn't matter where I go. Not at all. All that matters is that I am willing to submit to my Father in Heaven and serve him with all my might, mind and strength.

When I actually opened my call and read "New York Utica" I felt at peace. It was like I had known that was where I was going all along. It seemed foolish of me to be worried about where I would serve.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to serve the people of New York! And remember, it doesn't matter where you serve, it matters WHO you serve :)

PS. Pretend like you didn't notice that the NY on my shirt is backwards... holla for selfies!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Fab Five Friday: Como Te Llama?

You guys. We did it. We made it to the weekend. More importantly though, I made it through my first week of blogging with only minor physical ailments. Holla!

Now before we begin Fab Five Friday I need to address a serious issue...

What the H happened to Spring? This snow situation it suckin' it up! What is with this blizzard? I would like Spring back and that is all. #kthanksbye

Ok. Now onto Fab Five Friday. To kick off the weekend I am going to tell you about five super awesome moments from this week. And let me tell ya, I had some good times.

numbero uno.

This video. Ya just watching this video made the list. I know its long, but seriously watch that sucker!

I am so impressed that so many of my fellow classmates have answered to the call to serve. I was so touched by the spirit as I watched this video. I honestly have never been more proud to be a Lone Peak knight! #worldclassforlife

two. too? to? two. 

Ok well technically this happened last thursday, which just misses the week mark... but this is my first Fab Five Friday so I think we can let it slide. Plus, this was straight up too cool to not talk about. So like... I met a llama. Thats right. A real, living and breathing, furry, spitting llama. And I died from excitement. Although I must say the Emperor's New Groove seems to have given me unrealistic expectation of how llamas act. This llama made no effort to relinquish a snarky or sarcastic remark. Which was disappointing. But overall I super excited about it and I need you to be too.

pick number three my lord!

I already talked about this a little, but I had the opportunity to attend my dear friend Brooke's farewell. She is serving in Malaga, Spain. I'm so amazed by the testimony and strength of this girl. She is such an example to me.


Once a week I do this thing where I get lunch with my cute friend Tessa. It's pretty much always the highlight of my week. I love that girl and somehow we are honestly the same person. Also, I need everyone to look at her super cute heart sweater and red polka-dot pant combo. She is lookin' fresh. Stay classy Tessie-Face.


So on saturday I went with my best girls to the Cheesecake Factory. Can you say delicious? Anyway, apart from the wonderful bonding time I had with my besties, the best part was partaking in the most scrumptious food ever invented. The avocado egg rolls. THE AVOCADO EGG ROLLS may be the best food I've ever eaten. Like ever. Huge shout out to Cheesecake Factory for making these babies! Now everyone run to the Cheesecake Factory and order up some avocado egg rolls! I promise you won't be disappointed.

Thanks for hangin' with me this week! Hope your weekend is filled with joys, chocolate, and snarky llamas.


PS. Start your weekend with this video. You will not regret it. 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday: Ten Things I'm Obsessed With

Oh. You want to know ten things I'm obsessed with? Cool. Because I actually really wanted to tell you.

1. Cadbury Mini Eggs. Need I say more? If there is one thing that is my absolute weakness it is these sweet little morsels of heaven. If you have never eaten a Cadbury Mini Egg I am actually crying for you. Please go buy three bags now. #kthanksbye

2. Psych. Like not even the new seasons since USA hates me and won't post the new episodes ANYWHERE. So ya, just re-livin' the past seasons. You know thats right.

3. Online shopping. Is there any delight more satisfying that receiving a package? I believe the answer is no. But seriously, someone needs to block Modcloth from my computer.

4. This nail polish. Remember when I posted the colors for this spring? Well this was the color that caught my eye! I instantly went out and bought nail polish to match! I have been rockin' the "tender shoots" color for the past little while and I'm lovin' it.

5. The word holla. Which I find the spelling of to be particularly stupid. At first glance it looks like you misspelled and misused the spanish world "hola" then you understand that really, I was just trying to be thug. Holla back atcha boi.

6. Reading "The Help". Ok... well I actually finished this about a week ago, but I'm still obsessed. Also when I say "reading" I really mean "listened to it on the audible app as I got ready for school" but I mean... whatever.

7. My cheetah print loafers. They murder my feet but I feel like its worth it. I'm in love with these cheetah girls even if they make my feet bleed and cry. CHEETAH POWER!

8. Spring time. Hey remember when it was all warm and springy? Remember how I was super happy about it and thought about busting out the shorts? Ya. Lets get that going again. I would like reeeeeeaaaaally appreciate it! (Say hi to this bunny... cuz like... obviously bunnies represent spring...)

9. Trail mix. Always trail mix. Please don't ask me why, but I could live off a massive bag of trail mix and be perfectly happy with my life. Its like a taste of heaven in a clever mix of nuts, chocolate, and dried fruit. mmmmmmmm trail mix

10. THIS BLOG! Seriously it's embarrassing how much I love writing on this blog. It's like all I think/talk about. I may need a detox..... meh.

Well thats all for Thoughts for Thursday!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wardrobe Wednesday: Tales of the Polka-Dot Scarf

Happy hump day everyone!
We're getting closer to the weekend so just hang it there!

In order to help you make it through the week, I thought I would provide you with a super sweet vid before we start Wardrobe Wednesday. This video comes to us from Glee... which I don't even watch. But seriously, it is too sweet to pass up! If you are a nineties child then you had better appreciate this video. If you don't, we can't be friends. #kthanxbye now watch the video.

Now for Wardrobe Wednesday...
I chose to show you how I would wear one piece in three different ways! Well really its a combination of a nice chambray shirt and mint polka dot scarf...

Look 1:

Striped shirt: Old Navy, Chambray Shirt: Aeropostale, Scarf: ModCloth, Pants: American Eagle, Boots: Forever 21

Look 2: 

 Pants: Forever 21, Sandals: a random shop in Paris.

Look 3 (The Missionary Look)

Skirt: ModCloth, Shoes: Old Navy

I'm seriously bummed that it wasn't all warm and sunny today! but what can you do? Anyway, hope you enjoy your hump day with love from the Backstreet Boys and NSYNC!