Monday, January 27, 2014

"Bowling Pro, Amazing Floyd, Frozen Pipes=Sister Sleepover & Being Where the Lord Needed Us!"

Hello everyone! 
My oh my what a random week this one was! I feel like I haven't seen a week that was so busy and random and crazy in a while! Not to mention it was CRAZY cold. I know you all like my North Country weather reports so I am going to keep them coming. But seriously, it was so cold that there was frost on my hair when we were walking around. bleck. Anyway, here is the news of the week :)
1. Last Monday we went bowling as a district. It was way funny because we went to a super ghetto bowling alley up in Massena! Like, you had to keep score your self! But it was good times. I ended coming in second place out of everyone. I'm just throwing that out there! 
2. Some of our recent converts gave a crock pot... So now I'm super into making things in crock pots. If anyone wants to tell me how to do it, that would be great! 
3. This week was crazy! We went on two exchanges, both of which I took over Norwood for! The first day I spent with the lovely Sister Hunting of Lake Placid! We froze a little bit, but had a wonderful time! Then we hit up Zone Conference, which was super inspiring and amazing and I loved it. We then did switch number two and the wonderful Sister Pipe from Temple Square, but more recently Plattsburgh joined me in Norwood. Also fun fact, Sister Pipe is 6 feet tall! I finally had a companion who was taller than me and it was crazy! 
the AMAZING missionary miracles:
1. Remember Sister A? The investigator we picked up last week who Floyd basically just handed to us? (ah Floyd is the best) Well, we taught her again this week and it was crazy. Her entire countenance seemed to have changed. She said how much she loved church and how she really just felt like she belonged! She told us how this week she has really felt like God was with her. So we taught her our lesson and afterwards we asked her if she would like to be baptized and she was like "absolutely! I think this is where I need to be. I want to buy an apartment in Potsdam so I can live closer to the church!" WHAT!?! So then we were like "Well, would you like to set a day for your baptism?" and she said "YES!" so basically we set her to be baptized on March 1st! so so so so so excited to see an investigator progressing! ah I love it! 
2. I feel like I could literally write every single blog about how amazing Floyd is. This week we had an experience that probably takes some back story for it to make sense. 
We were chatting with Floyd and he just kept telling us about all these people he is trying to share the gospel with, how excited he is to participate in EVERYTHING at church, and how he stood up for keeping the sabbath day holy at work. and I was like this, FLOYD IS THE BEST! I am amazed by how someone so Christ-like and humble could be over looked by these members. Even though Floyd is rough around the edges, he is the most Christ-like person I know. I feel so blessed to know him and have his testimony in my life! 

So then later this week we were talking to another member and she was saying how some day we are going to see people like Floyd as they really are. Their worldly "shell" will be peeled off and we will be amazed by how incredible they are. I just know how true that is! My testimony is continually strengthened on the idea of God looking upon our hearts, and not on outward appearances. If only we could all be perfect at that! Ah man, I just want to say that FLOYD IS THE BEST! 
3. Yesterday Sister Bezzant felt really strongly that we needed to knock this trailer park in the middle of Norwood. So we start knocking... with seriously no success. Everyone is like slamming their doors, or just straight up ignoring us. So we are like.... sweet. Then we come to this trailer and knock on the door. Right away it opens up and this guys comes out and is like "oh I guess you guys are looking for me!" um.... we were very confused... but we rolled with it. So we said "I guess so!" So he's like, "Ok, follow me. We can go back to my house!" So naturally we follow him across the street to his house. He turns around and we are like "So.... who are you?" haha! Well, turns out he is a less-active in the area who we had thought moved! I guess the Lord wanted him found :) I love when we can be at just the right place at just the right time to do the Lord's work! Ah its so good! 
and now the best story....
As mentioned previously, this week was a week of never ending exchanges and Zone Conference. But, it was also a week of the Lord putting us just where He needs us! If I didn't know God was in charge before this week, I definitely do now! 
Well, after Zone Conference, Sister Pipe and I started up on our exchange (my second of the week). We decided we should drop off her stuff at the apartment, then head off to our appointments for the evening. Well, she ran in to the bathroom and I thought I should check the phone. I look at the phone.... EVERY SINGLE ONE OF OUR APPOINTMENTS CANCELED. Not to mention that that night it was like 20 below... so we couldn't very well just walk around! I was like "oh shoot. what are we supposed to do tonight? All of my back ups include being in the outdoors... and we can't do that!" Needless to say, I was stressing hard core. So Sister Pipe comes out of the bathroom and is like "um... does your water not work?" surprise! All of our pipes had once again frozen, and no one could come fix them until the next day. So basically I was like "WHAT THE HECK ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO?" I was so drained and I seriously couldn't think. So we start calling people, our companions, Zone leaders, AP's, mission office, ect. They worked together to come to the conclusion that we couldn't stay in our apartment that night, so we would need to go sleep over at the nearest sisters apartment!
THE NEAREST SISTERS WERE SISTER SMITH AND SISTER CHURCH! Hurray! So I was still a little frazzled, but we packed up and drove straight on the Gouvenor. Upon arrival we decided to spend the rest of the night working their area, So Sister Pipe and Sister Church headed off to their schedule appointment, while Sister Smith and I (reunited!) went to one of their other investigators. 

Here's why I know that God is in charge...

1. Sister Smith had been really stressed and praying that she could have someone to talk to. THAT NIGHT, we ended up in Gouvenor. Coincidence? 

2. The investigators Sister Smith and I visited said "we KNEW that the sisters would be visiting us tonight. It seems like every time I have a hard day, you guys show up." Had we not come to Gouvenor that night they wouldn't have seen those investigators! They would have "known" the sisters were coming, and they wouldn't have shown. We made a ton of progress that night with those investigators... and I know that's where we need to be. 

So basically, even though it seemed like our night was falling apart, really Heavenly Father just had some where else He needed us to be. So, He made it happen! I'm so grateful for those moments where I can be an instrument in the Lord's hands! 
A Taste of Humor...

"Mom, how come girl missionaries only go for a year and a half?" -little member girl

"Because they need less work than the boys!" - member mom :)

"I had to be so quiet, that I was like a ninja mouse... with socks on." -Gouvenor Sisters investigator.

"I'm not going to wear make up all week so then when I do wear it everyone will be like 'Oh my gosh she's stunning!'" - Sister Pipe

Well, thats the week kids! This week should be another adventure! Have a wonderous week!


Sister Langford


Monday, January 20, 2014

"Back to the Dark Ages, Crazy Old Lady Driver, and Baby Steps to Salvation."



Ok! This is really getting ridiculous. I don't even feel like a week happened. Was I not just writing this email 5 seconds ago? I'm telling you, time is flying AND ITS SO WEIRD. But that's ok, because I think this week was really good. Let's talk about it.


1. our phone broke. Like, what the heck is up with all these technical difficulties for the Norwood sisters? Its a real struggle. So basically we are back to doing missionary work like in the dark ages... where they sent handwritten letters to their investigators and carried the gold plates with them. bah!

2. This week is going to be crazy. We are doing back to back exchanges along with Zone Conference in the middle. Not to mention that for both exchanges, I'm taking over the area. Something I wasn't super excited about at first.... but I know its what I need to do. Seeing as in 4 1/2 weeks, I will permanently be taking over the area!

3. Last Monday we saw an old lady crash into a pole at a grocery store. She then proceeded to just drive away with her bumper dragging on the ground. Everyone in the parking lot was just in awe.... Sister Bezzant and I were just dying laughing. Oh man... New York Problems.

Missionary life...

1. This week we had 2 investigators at church! Yah!  It's always baby steps, but when you see someone come to church, your heart just gets so so so excited! ah! I love when people go to church. This week it was an awesome lady and her daughter. (Their second time!) and a new investigator we picked up this week... more to come..  So that made Sunday very exciting! Also, we taught YW's which was a joy :)

2. Here's the thing about Floyd, he's the best. He basically just takes in wayward souls, nurtures them, reads them the scriptures, makes them watch every church movie he has in his possession, then turns them over to us to teach. Like, why can't everyone be as great as Floyd at missionary work? So that is where Amanda came from. She has had a lot of trials and bad choices in her life, but she really wants to change! The best part is, WE GET TO HELP HER CHANGE! and that's why I love the gospel. :)

3. We have a less-active who the sisters have been trying to meet with since the beginning of time.... with no success. Well, this week we finally had a lesson with her! It was so perfect and she made goals for herself to come back to church.... including meeting with the sisters once a week! So that is so so so exciting. Like I said early, missionary work is about the baby-steps that bring someone to salvation!
4. This week we had a way sweet lesson with the another family. We invited them to be baptized.... AND HE SAID YES! He wouldn't set a day, but I really think that they are just on the verge of progressing. There are so many great and amazing things that are just on the verge of happening here in Norwood and I'm way excited about them!

5. This other cute couple are coming along like champs! This week we taught them about Lehi's Dream. It was such an inspired lesson. We were teaching and they were just spewing out all this amazing doctrine like they had been members forever! She made a very insightful comment about "Satan's plan to be to get rid of our agency" and he made a nice comment about "being able to repent and leave the Great and Spacious Building" It was so great. This couple makes me so happy :)

6. and I just like being a missionary.


I just wanted to remind all of you that Heavenly Father loves you. Sometimes, when my days are rough, I forget. I get stressed or whatever and I think I am on my own. But then I think back on every single time that I have seen God's hand in my life and I know that even now.... even always, He is there, and He loves me. Just never forget that simple truth :)

aaaaand.... the funny stuff...

1. "So I was reading in the Old Bible.... um I mean... Old Testament..." - Elder

2. "Be careful when you are walking to your car in case you get eaten by an alligator!" -4 year old during an ice storm...

3. "Hey guys, I took a dump in the parking lot... so I brought you these doughnuts" - Elder

4. "So what happens if we don't reach our goal for number of conversations this year?" -random member

  "Then you are all going to Hell" - Stake rep.

ah... the humor of Potsdam! Well, that was the week up here in the North Country. Like I said, I blinked and it was over. Anyway, have a great week everyone!

Sister Langford



Monday, January 13, 2014

"Heat Wave, Buying Donuts, Not Showering, and.... "Ask everyone for Referrals."


Well everyone, this week was pretty great. it got to 50 degrees today and I thought I was dreaming... or kidnapped and secretly brought to a tropical island. It was awesome. I can't believe how quickly time is flying up here. I think I just want to stay in Potsdam forever. Anyway, are you ready to hear about the week?

The Random:

We've had a lot of random technical issues recently.... ie) Our car getting hit while we left it in the church parking lot (we think a doughnutter is responsible). Then we drive it and it makes the most horrible and embarrassing sound you have ever heard. So we take it to the shop.... surprise. The problem was a teeny tiny rock that got caught up somewhere! This is so our life. THEN one night it was really cold and windy and our downstairs door blew open during the night. Wake up in the morning, NO WATER. Our pipes froze, it was sweet. So... no shower for a couple of days.  Ah New York.

Now The Good Stuff:

1. This week we were able to get to the root of a lot of our investigator's concerns, which was awesome. I definitely have a testimony of asking inspired questions. We were teaching this couple who had had some rough experiences with churches in the past. Basically they had been burned by their different churches and ministers. So while they wanted Christ in their life, they were wary about religion. The more we talked with them, the stronger the spirit was. Sister Bezzant and I were just testifying of the Atonement and it was really great. Then the wife stopped us and said, "That was exactly what we needed to hear. If any one of those ministers had been able to say that to us when we were hurt we would have been better. But only you could say that." We testified to them that we didn't say anything, but the spirit told them what they needed to hear! It was such an amazing lesson and I have A LOT of hope for them.

2. We also had two random and very inspired referrals this week.

        Referral number one:  Knock on ladies door. She isn't interested. We ask if she knows anyone who is. She IMMEDIATELY says her next door neighbor. We knock on their door. They instantly invite us into talk. The guy was super repentant the wanted to learn more!  We are SUPER excited about them.
        Referral number two:  we needed to turn around the car, so we pulled into random a drive way. We felt like we should knock on the door while we were there (it was the middle of no where).  She was nice, but not interested. Asked if there was anyone who was. She points us to their neighbor. Lady comes out, invites us to sit down and talk. and SURPRISE, her husband is a previous Mormon from UTAH!  Like, WHAT? and surprisingly they were really nice, invited us back and asked for a Book of Mormon. SO GREAT!

So moral of the story (if you are a missionary) ask EVERYONE for referrals!

3. Nick and Anita (recent converts) are still doing great! After church yesterday Anita told us that church made her "ridiculously happy!" and Nick is still going strong and has a strong desire to do whats right now!  It's so incredible to see this change in them!

4. The Gordon's (investigators) are making so much progress! I don't really have much else to say about them, other than I'm excited for them and they are the best.



1. I OWE DOUGHNUTS.  Remember  last week how I said that if you slip on the ice, you owe doughnuts?  Well,  I slipped. One of our investigators has a treacherous path to her apartment. I wasn't paying attention and next thing I knew, I was down. Sister Bezzant turns around and looks at me with a mischievous smile and I go "Ugh, I know! I owe doughnuts!" So much for never having to do that!

2.  "There is no way I would mess with someone who has the nickname of "big" something.... or "little"... or anything with the word "spike." missionaries, stay away from "Spikes" - branch president

3. Nick (holding Anita's laptop with Taylor Swift background), *looks at background* "Oh my gosh Sister Langford, it's you!"

4. "Well, you really are just a tall drink of water aren't you!" -old lady at a thrift shop

Anyway, that was all! KEEP ON KEEPIN ON!

mmmmmmm bye now!

Sister Langford

Monday, January 6, 2014

Cold Weather, Awesome & Progressing Investigators, Ugly Cupcakes, & Dinner with Bond, James Bond!!

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the first blog of 2014. So weird. I have already accidentally written 2013 almost 12 times. So far its been a successful year. Well the good news is, this week was really great! So many good things happened this week I can't even handle it. Do you want to hear about them? 
1. WE GOT TRANSFER CALLS... Good news, we are both staying! We kind of figured as much since Sister Bezzant only has one transfer left. So I will get to finish her off in February. So good. 
2. So it dropped to -20 this week. If that doesn't make you want to die I don't know what would. The good news is, the day it was -20 we were in Utica where it was a toasty five. We were all like "man its not even cold out here!" To quote a member of the Potsdam Branch, "Sometimes you need the negative twenty to appreciate the thirty five." Amen. 
3. New Years Eve ended up being super random. We basically had teaching appointments all day and then we went to the Bond home for dinner. Good news, we found out Sister Bond has a son named James. This is not a joke. I had dinner with James Bond on New Years ever. *Funny quotes from James Bond to follow!*
4. There is a rule in the New York Utica Mission that all missionaries must abide by. It may not be in the white handbook, but its just as binding. The rule is as follows 
" If a missionary slips on the ice at any time, they are obligated to buy doughnuts for their entire district for every time they fall." So there were 4 dozen doughnuts at our last district meeting. Its pretty funny because if ever a missionary falls on the ice their companion shows no compassion but yells, "YOU OWE DOUGHNUTS!!!" Luckily, neither I, or Sister Bezzant have owed doughnuts yet!

Why I Love Missionary Work....
1. One of our Recent Converts has been kind of struggling with her testimony as of late. Everything has been going wrong in her life right now, and her husband (who introduced her to the gospel) has been less-active for a while. This week she asked if she could get a priesthood blessing. Well, we and her home teachers showed up and surprisingly her husband was there too (he usually avoids us). Well she got her blessing and the spirit was really strong! Then straight away she came teaching with us. She made some really awesome comments during the lesson and afterwards she was glowing. ON SUNDAY, She and her husband came to church (he hadn't been since I've been here), and THEY BOTH bore their testimonies. I LOVE IT WHEN THE SPIRIT CHANGES PEOPLE! That may have been one of the biggest miracles this week!
2. Oh here's the other thing I forgot to say, every, single, one, of our recent converts bore their testimony during church! I felt like such a proud mama! I was just sitting there tearing up! Floyd even got up. Here was my favorite thing he said, " I've read quite a bit of the Book of Mormon and I want to say that I know its true!" His simple faith kills me every time!

3.ONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS CAME TO CHURCH! So great. AND the day before we had taught her the word of wisdom and she said she wasn't ready to quit smoking. Then at church she announced to the Relief Society that her goal for 2014 was the quit smoking! YES! 

4. We listened to the talk, "Learning, not earning Heaven," by Brad Wilcox. It changed my life. I recommend all of you somehow listen to that puppy because you will never be the same. 

The Humor....
"Muffins are only ugly cupcakes" - James Bond
"If someone could invent soup on a stick they would make a killing at Renaissance fairs" - James Bond
"We are on missions. We don't have the number scale anymore. Everyone is just a one." - Elder's response when asked if someone was attractive. 
"I don't want one of those fancy pens because then I would have to be accountable!"
-Elder 1
"Oh you are definitely less-accountable" -Elder 2
"Its a humbling thing when you walk outside and your nose hairs instantly freeze" - President Wirthlin
"If you buy into gossip then you are a loser" -President Wirthlin
Well that's all! I must say, I am so grateful for everyone who supports me and for all the prayers said in my behalf. It can definitely be felt! I have been able to notice so much all of the blessings that I have. I know that if we are stressed or worried we can just turn it over to our Heavenly Father. He wants to take our problems! Well..............
Sister Langford