Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hello Blogger-verse...
This is weird. Me starting a blog. I guess it just felt like the trendy thing to do. So here I am. Writing a blog.

Let me tell you about me.

My name is Kaitlyn Langford and I am from Alpine, Utah. I am a freshman at BYU. With everything that has been happening in my life, all these new experiences and craziness, I felt like I should start a blog. Ok so this is my face...

 I know, you are over come. haha awkward. Now that we are done looking at my face let's talk about why you should read my blog/ things I will always talk about!

1. I love fashion! I love talking about clothes! I love it all. So don't be surprised if I start talking about what colors are in this season and all that jazz. Because its comin at you fast! To demonstrate my love for fashion, let me show you what I wore today. That is right. Instant insight.

So as you can see that is me on the right with my dear friend Tessa :)

2. I absolutely love to read! I would love to tell you about what I am reading and how freaking great it is! On that note, you should also know that I just really really really REALLY love Harry Potter. Like a lot ok? So if there are Harry Potter references/ quotes that is a normal thing. Don't be surprised. Just embrace it.

The previous picture are just me embracing my love for the wizarding world. 

3. Basically I will just talk about everyday Kaitlyn life. I guess we could say college life is pretty exciting. At least I hope I can portray it that way! So if you log on to see what super awesome thing I have to say, just know that sometimes, it will just be me ranting about weird people at BYU. Trust me. there is a plethora of weirdies on BYU campus! 

This is an example of weird people... AKA myself and my darling friend Carly.

Well, for now that is all you get to know about me. I'm glad we got the awkward into out of the way. From now on things will be much more interesting. pinky promise. 

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