Hello dear friends,
Well, unfortunately it was another week of not much to report. For some reason I can't even remember what we did this week. I'm sure it involved a lot of missionary work.... ok let me think...... oh yeah!
1. We had some really great lessons with our awesome investigator and family. We ran through the baptism Q's with her and she is reeeeady! Now we just have to get her to QUIT SMOKING! But I really, really love her and her family with all my heart. I could not be more grateful to have this opportunity to teach them and help them receive the gospel. Also this Sunday, her husband to come to church! I think he had a pretty good time. After church she got a blessing and I think that really touched both of them! Here's hoping he will progress! #lovethegospel
2. Zone training time. Which was fun, and I learned a lot about how to teach better and use the pamphlet! It's true, people like visuals and picture books. These New Yorkers thrive on the pamphlet!
3. We finally got back in contact with the sister of one of our previous investigators. We had a really good chat with her, and she said she still wants to learn more and that she didn't believe what her sister was saying! Here's hoping we have a second chance! I know that teaching them with all this anti material floating around will be DIFFICULT. So keep me in your prayers.
4. I have been really into pressing flowers this week. Did you know that if you a press a sweet pea it turns a weird purple color? Neither did I. But now you know :)
5. We had a really funny experience while tracking. We knocked on this apartment, when the guy came to the door her goes "Who the freak are you? *reads name tags* Ugh. ew. No. Get out of here! You came to the wrong house ladies" (said in a loud, yelling voice). then slammed the door. We just laughed. I guess I didn't realized people were that ridiculous!
6. Saw some less-actives, taught some investigators, tracked some doors, etc, etc.
7. This week, I have really been thinking about everyone's divine potential. It was weird because this week we met quite a few people who were atheists. I remember we were talking to one and I just got really, really sad. I was just thinking about how sad Heavenly Father must be to know that there are people who don't even believe he exists. That they are choosing to make their lives harder. I then thought about the people who have accepted the gospel! The people that we have been teaching and the changes they have been making and it just makes me so happy, then I think about how happy Heavenly Father must be for them. We really all do have that potential! Anyone can change. We are all children of God. We all have the divine potential to be like him. There is this cheesy song that Sister Smith and I jam to, but there is a really good line in it that I have been thinking about a lot. It goes like this...
"There's so much more to me. He helps me see that I have so much to offer, I am his Daughter. He loves me the way I am. He's my strength when I stand. He is my King and my Father, and I am His Daughter."
I think we all need to focus more on our divine potential. We really are all his sons and daughters! We all have a crazy amount of potential, and the love He feels for us is infinite! Let us all try and live up to that love!
I love you all!
mmmmmmmmmmm BYE NOW! (New York slang comin' out yo)
Sister Langford