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So another week of missionary life has passed. Still living it up in Cooperstown. Still doing the missionary thing. This week was fairly uneventful, but there were a few interesting moments that I feel it necessary  to comment on...
1. Did I milk a cow this week? Why yes, yes I did. Last Monday we had the joy of visiting one of Cooperstown's finest attractions (not the baseball hall of fame!) We went toooooo..... THE FARMERS MUSEUM.  Oh it was a joy. I petted baby goats, and a lamb or two. I saw an old fashion blacksmithing at work. And of course, I rode  a carousel... and milked a cow. Was it a joyous time?  Yes!
2. Was I fed slightly raw chicken by an even more slightly crazy member? mmmmm yes. Do we love her anyway? OF COURSE!
3. Did we find an investigator who just applied to be a professor at the BYU?  Yes.. So so excited about him! I hope he gets the the job (and more importantly, accepts the gospel!)
4. Is my back now crippled from sleeping on the floor because we had a sleep over with some other sisters?  Haha! that is still to be decided! But we did get to have some wonderful sisters stay at our apartment Thursday night so that we could drive to an "All Sister's Conference" in Utica the next morning. The conference was really great! It was so fun to see all 48 of the sisters who call "New York Utica" their mission. Not to mention it was very spiritually uplifting!
5. Was Church great? Well lets see...Our wonderful investigator, Trish, came to church again and brought all 5 of her boys! They all looked very dapper and had a phenomenal time! Trish even told the visiting high council speaker that she was getting baptized in September. So, so excited for her! A less-active we have been teaching for a while came to church as well!  Did she wear a shirt, tie, and dress pants? mmmmm yeah.... But we were just happy to see her!  Love that girl!
Anyway, nothing too exciting, but every week is great when you are in the service of God :)  To finish up the blog, I thought I would share a story that Sister Smith and I have been sharing a lot recently. The story is about the difference of knowing ABOUT Christ, and KNOWING Christ. It goes like this...
There once were two men.
The First was very intelligent. He was a scholar who had spent all his days studying Jesus Christ. This man knew every single fact there was to know about Christ. He could tell you every detail of His birth, life, death, resurrection, and so on. This man really prided himself in this knowledge.
The Second man was much more humble in intellect, temperament, and circumstance. Yet the second man did everything he could to follow Christ's teachings. He read his scriptures daily. He prayed. He served. He attended Church weekly.
These two men were called into an interview about their knowledge of Jesus Christ.
The first man went into the interview. The Interviewer asked him "What do you know about Jesus Christ?" The First man went on for hours about his in depth knowledge. he listed every fact he had learned in precise detail. When he had finished, the interviewer asked him "is that all?" The First man confirmed that it was, and left the interview feeling very proud of how well he had done.
The Second man then entered the interview. He took one look at the interviewer, fell to his knees and with tears in his eyes said "Oh my Redeemer!"
I love this story so much because it really testifies to me how much we need to do to know our Savior. He loves us perfectly. He knows us perfectly. We should not be careless about our relationship with him. I have come to see how crucial that relationship is for me every day. We must build our foundation upon Christ, but more than that, we must know and love Christ, and he knows and loves us.
To finish this blog, you should probably watch this video. I love it. We share it with everyone we can!

Well I love you all!
Sister Langford

(Hey everyone. This is Kristi. I have to download the video and I will put it up on her blog when I return from Spain next week. You can check it out then.  Hope you're all doing well. Thanks!!)!

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