Monday, January 13, 2014

"Heat Wave, Buying Donuts, Not Showering, and.... "Ask everyone for Referrals."


Well everyone, this week was pretty great. it got to 50 degrees today and I thought I was dreaming... or kidnapped and secretly brought to a tropical island. It was awesome. I can't believe how quickly time is flying up here. I think I just want to stay in Potsdam forever. Anyway, are you ready to hear about the week?

The Random:

We've had a lot of random technical issues recently.... ie) Our car getting hit while we left it in the church parking lot (we think a doughnutter is responsible). Then we drive it and it makes the most horrible and embarrassing sound you have ever heard. So we take it to the shop.... surprise. The problem was a teeny tiny rock that got caught up somewhere! This is so our life. THEN one night it was really cold and windy and our downstairs door blew open during the night. Wake up in the morning, NO WATER. Our pipes froze, it was sweet. So... no shower for a couple of days.  Ah New York.

Now The Good Stuff:

1. This week we were able to get to the root of a lot of our investigator's concerns, which was awesome. I definitely have a testimony of asking inspired questions. We were teaching this couple who had had some rough experiences with churches in the past. Basically they had been burned by their different churches and ministers. So while they wanted Christ in their life, they were wary about religion. The more we talked with them, the stronger the spirit was. Sister Bezzant and I were just testifying of the Atonement and it was really great. Then the wife stopped us and said, "That was exactly what we needed to hear. If any one of those ministers had been able to say that to us when we were hurt we would have been better. But only you could say that." We testified to them that we didn't say anything, but the spirit told them what they needed to hear! It was such an amazing lesson and I have A LOT of hope for them.

2. We also had two random and very inspired referrals this week.

        Referral number one:  Knock on ladies door. She isn't interested. We ask if she knows anyone who is. She IMMEDIATELY says her next door neighbor. We knock on their door. They instantly invite us into talk. The guy was super repentant the wanted to learn more!  We are SUPER excited about them.
        Referral number two:  we needed to turn around the car, so we pulled into random a drive way. We felt like we should knock on the door while we were there (it was the middle of no where).  She was nice, but not interested. Asked if there was anyone who was. She points us to their neighbor. Lady comes out, invites us to sit down and talk. and SURPRISE, her husband is a previous Mormon from UTAH!  Like, WHAT? and surprisingly they were really nice, invited us back and asked for a Book of Mormon. SO GREAT!

So moral of the story (if you are a missionary) ask EVERYONE for referrals!

3. Nick and Anita (recent converts) are still doing great! After church yesterday Anita told us that church made her "ridiculously happy!" and Nick is still going strong and has a strong desire to do whats right now!  It's so incredible to see this change in them!

4. The Gordon's (investigators) are making so much progress! I don't really have much else to say about them, other than I'm excited for them and they are the best.



1. I OWE DOUGHNUTS.  Remember  last week how I said that if you slip on the ice, you owe doughnuts?  Well,  I slipped. One of our investigators has a treacherous path to her apartment. I wasn't paying attention and next thing I knew, I was down. Sister Bezzant turns around and looks at me with a mischievous smile and I go "Ugh, I know! I owe doughnuts!" So much for never having to do that!

2.  "There is no way I would mess with someone who has the nickname of "big" something.... or "little"... or anything with the word "spike." missionaries, stay away from "Spikes" - branch president

3. Nick (holding Anita's laptop with Taylor Swift background), *looks at background* "Oh my gosh Sister Langford, it's you!"

4. "Well, you really are just a tall drink of water aren't you!" -old lady at a thrift shop

Anyway, that was all! KEEP ON KEEPIN ON!

mmmmmmm bye now!

Sister Langford

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