Monday, January 6, 2014

Cold Weather, Awesome & Progressing Investigators, Ugly Cupcakes, & Dinner with Bond, James Bond!!

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the first blog of 2014. So weird. I have already accidentally written 2013 almost 12 times. So far its been a successful year. Well the good news is, this week was really great! So many good things happened this week I can't even handle it. Do you want to hear about them? 
1. WE GOT TRANSFER CALLS... Good news, we are both staying! We kind of figured as much since Sister Bezzant only has one transfer left. So I will get to finish her off in February. So good. 
2. So it dropped to -20 this week. If that doesn't make you want to die I don't know what would. The good news is, the day it was -20 we were in Utica where it was a toasty five. We were all like "man its not even cold out here!" To quote a member of the Potsdam Branch, "Sometimes you need the negative twenty to appreciate the thirty five." Amen. 
3. New Years Eve ended up being super random. We basically had teaching appointments all day and then we went to the Bond home for dinner. Good news, we found out Sister Bond has a son named James. This is not a joke. I had dinner with James Bond on New Years ever. *Funny quotes from James Bond to follow!*
4. There is a rule in the New York Utica Mission that all missionaries must abide by. It may not be in the white handbook, but its just as binding. The rule is as follows 
" If a missionary slips on the ice at any time, they are obligated to buy doughnuts for their entire district for every time they fall." So there were 4 dozen doughnuts at our last district meeting. Its pretty funny because if ever a missionary falls on the ice their companion shows no compassion but yells, "YOU OWE DOUGHNUTS!!!" Luckily, neither I, or Sister Bezzant have owed doughnuts yet!

Why I Love Missionary Work....
1. One of our Recent Converts has been kind of struggling with her testimony as of late. Everything has been going wrong in her life right now, and her husband (who introduced her to the gospel) has been less-active for a while. This week she asked if she could get a priesthood blessing. Well, we and her home teachers showed up and surprisingly her husband was there too (he usually avoids us). Well she got her blessing and the spirit was really strong! Then straight away she came teaching with us. She made some really awesome comments during the lesson and afterwards she was glowing. ON SUNDAY, She and her husband came to church (he hadn't been since I've been here), and THEY BOTH bore their testimonies. I LOVE IT WHEN THE SPIRIT CHANGES PEOPLE! That may have been one of the biggest miracles this week!
2. Oh here's the other thing I forgot to say, every, single, one, of our recent converts bore their testimony during church! I felt like such a proud mama! I was just sitting there tearing up! Floyd even got up. Here was my favorite thing he said, " I've read quite a bit of the Book of Mormon and I want to say that I know its true!" His simple faith kills me every time!

3.ONE OF OUR INVESTIGATORS CAME TO CHURCH! So great. AND the day before we had taught her the word of wisdom and she said she wasn't ready to quit smoking. Then at church she announced to the Relief Society that her goal for 2014 was the quit smoking! YES! 

4. We listened to the talk, "Learning, not earning Heaven," by Brad Wilcox. It changed my life. I recommend all of you somehow listen to that puppy because you will never be the same. 

The Humor....
"Muffins are only ugly cupcakes" - James Bond
"If someone could invent soup on a stick they would make a killing at Renaissance fairs" - James Bond
"We are on missions. We don't have the number scale anymore. Everyone is just a one." - Elder's response when asked if someone was attractive. 
"I don't want one of those fancy pens because then I would have to be accountable!"
-Elder 1
"Oh you are definitely less-accountable" -Elder 2
"Its a humbling thing when you walk outside and your nose hairs instantly freeze" - President Wirthlin
"If you buy into gossip then you are a loser" -President Wirthlin
Well that's all! I must say, I am so grateful for everyone who supports me and for all the prayers said in my behalf. It can definitely be felt! I have been able to notice so much all of the blessings that I have. I know that if we are stressed or worried we can just turn it over to our Heavenly Father. He wants to take our problems! Well..............
Sister Langford

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