Tuesday, February 18, 2014

"Sent back to the 80's and phoneless, Great investigators, and... be careful what you Pray for!!"

Hello everyone! What a week this one has been. It was one of those weeks where we were so busy that I barely had time to breath. But we actually love weeks like that right? Anyway, shall we dicuss the highlights?
The Deets: 
1. So this week my dear dying companion got to spend a day in Palmyra. It was pretty lucky for her. I got to stay in Norwood with the wonderful Sister Curtis! We had a good couple of days together. It was definitely good because it helped me realize that I am so ready to take over this area! We find out THIS WEEK who my new companion will be! Kind of exciting :)
2. We have been phoneless for this WHOLE WEEK. Like, we still don't have a phone. Am I upset? maybe. It is really annoying and pretty difficult to do missionary work without a cell phone? why yes, yes it is. But we've been making it work! On the plus side, people can't call and cancel on us because we show up anyway and are just like "oh sorry, our phone's broken. You ready for a lesson?" So that's been a small blessing. On the negative side, if we got stuck in a ditch in the middle of no where we couldn't call for help.... sooooo.... let's hope our phone comes soon!
The missionary blessings:
The Lord was for sure blessing us this week. We got in a lesson with almost everyone we teach and they were almost all really quality lessons. So that was way sweet. Here's the stories.
1. Family #1:
Hurray, we finally saw them again! AND we read from the Book of Mormon with them and they were all like "yes! this makes so much sense this is awesome! Why haven't we always been reading this?" and we said "That's what we've been trying to tell you!" So... good things to come from them!
2. Sister L.  We had a super sweet lesson with her! We re-taught the restoration using this really awesome visual! After we finished she was like " I don't know what it was, but I felt super good and really warm in my heart when you guys were talking. I just feel really good about this message!" AH! You can't ask for a better response from an investigator! We then invited her to pray and she offered one of the sweetest and most sincere prayers I've heard in a while. Man, it just testifies to me, again, the power of the message of the restoration! Love it!3. Sister D. We taught her again (second time) and she is doing SO GREAT! She did all this reading and had all these really good questions for us! We taught her the Plan of Salvation and it just really spoke to her. So... she's in the beginning stages, but I'm telling ya, good things to come from her as well!4. Family #2:. Ah!  So, we have been studying the Book of Mormon with them (which has been doing wonders for them!) and we went over yesterday for our lesson. Well she was just super happy and she said the sweetest thing ever, she said, "I'm so glad that you have come into my life. I feel like I see the world so much better. Before I would drive down the road and the world was just blah, but now I can see how wonderful God's creations are. And, its because you came here! I feel so blessed and happy to know you guys!" Ah, it made me want to cry! Sometimes I almost feel like coming here to strengthen Anita was a huge purpose in me coming to Potsdam! Ah, man I love them :)5. Floyd. Why is Floyd the best? This week he told us we were his angels because we helped him come to the gospel. man. We just love Floyd to pieces.6. Be careful what you pray for... So yesterday before church I was really praying that I would have a really good experience at church. That I would have opportunites to grow and learn more about the gospel. Well, we roll into church maybe 40 minutes before it starts and our branch president is like "Sisters! Did you get my text" (darn life of no phone), naturally we said "no, no we did not" So he says "Oh, well one of our speakers bailed for today. Will you both speak?" uh.... You would think that as a missionary you would be all pro at giving talks on the fly. Unfortunately, that is not the case! So naturally we panicked a bit. But then, I prayed for help and I knew exactly what I needed to speak on, and found a perfect President Uchtdorf talk to help me along! My talk ended up being on "the worth of souls" and it went super well. I know my testimony definitely grew and I learned a lot from the experience... so ... ANSWER TO PRAYERS! haha but seriously, we knew that this would have to happen at least once on my mission!The laughs.
*These may not seem funny... but we were dying laughing! sorry... its the best I could do this week!*
"You have dead mice in your apartment?" -elder"not anymore" - other elder."There was a church sign that said 'spread the gospel not gossip'" - elder"Thank you methodist church!" - other elder. 
"I was surpised that you hadn't made me stop for a diet coke... but then I realized it was kind of early in the day" - Sister BezzantAnyway, that was the week! Love you all!  Bye now!XOXO,
Sister Langford

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