Monday, February 24, 2014

"2 Peas in a Pod with the New comp, Golden Investigator & Shortcake or Jerky?"

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Hello everyone!
Well this week has just been fantastic... and I don't even know why. It was just one of those crazy busy, really good weeks for no reason at all. Unfortunately we lost Sister Bezzant... She went the way of all the earth. Rumor has it she is wearing pants and using facebook now. Weird. But on the plus side, I received a super wonderful new companion by the name of Sister Davis. I'm super excited to have her here! We are like two pea's in a pod. Needless to say I'm very, very, very, excited for this transfer. Anyway, lets talk about the week. 
The missionary life...
1. Ok. remember last week when we tracted into that super solid guy and we had that awesome conversation at his door? Weeeeeell, we went back this week and he was there, with his girlfriend, ready to learn. He has even read the first 7 chapters of the Book of Mormon AND he prayed to know if it was true. WHAT? I'm sorry but that never happens. It was awesome. So we taught him a super solid restoration lesson and they said they would love to keep learning and would definitely be baptized once they know its true! HOLLA TWO NEW INVESTIGATORS! Ah. It was such an awesome experience. 
2. Investigator #1: Ah. I feel like I have all of this focus and love for her. Every time we see her and teach her it's the best lesson ever. The spirit is crazy strong and she just gets it. She has the strongest desire EVER to be baptized and to learn and to do whats right. It amazing! But then we leave. I seriously had so much faith that she would come to church this week. This was her week to shine.... but she didn't come. Again. Its really hard when you know someone KNOWS its true and totally wants it for themself... but then they don't act. But I still have faith because this week we are going to do the stop smoking program and hopefully she will quit smoking! Honestly it just goes to show me the power of people's agency. We, as missionaries, can be doing everything we can to do what's right, the spirit can be strong as ever.... but people can still choose. And that's Heavenly Father's plan. Lets just pray that she makes a good choice this week :)
3. Investigator Family #1: They are so close too. We stopped by to see them and he said, it  was like "Your eyes killed me when we said we weren't coming to church!" so I said "Well you know what you need to do then? COME TO CHURCH!" Unfortunately that didn't work.... maybe this week I just need to look a little sadder and bring the spirit a little stronger and they will come! Haha. 
4. I could go on and on and on about all the super solid people we have to teach. Just know that the Lord is seriously blessing Norwood so much right now its incredible! 
The Laughs...
"I'm eternally stoked out of my mind for this transfer" - Sister Davis
"well monkey's are like 80% the same as humans... so like 80% of the time, I wouldn't be surprised if we got that urge to fling poop at people." -  daughter
"That is one phone call I do not want to get from the school!" - Mom
" I don't know why we cry when people die. If anything we should cry when people are born because they are entering into a cruel suffering world. When we die we go to heaven!" - Shirley

"Elder what's your favorite food? strawberry SHORT cake?" - one elder to a very short elder
"What's yours? JERK chicken?" - elder's come back

...and that's all for the week! Good things to come next week! :) BEING A MISSIONARY IS THE BEST!!!!!

Sister Langford

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