Monday, September 8, 2014

"Time's Flying, Baptism this week, awkward Chastity, Lord answers prayers with others, & Jacob 4:7!"


Hey, hey.

It's Monday everyone. How does this keep happening to me? I know, I know. You are all sick of me starting off with a little blurb about how quickly the time is going but....  IT'S SO TRUE. I never would have believed it at the beginning of my mission. Every day took an eternity. Now I swear its like "Wait! What happened today? Did we see anyone? What happened?" I don't even know what to do about it.


This week was pretty good. We went on another exchange (which was very good times).  We headed down to Utica for another missionary leadership council. Very fun. Very fun. Also, some other good things happened. I guess we can talk about them.

1. We met a new investigator who was referred to us by elders in Indiana. She was a hardcore Atheist 7 weeks ago, and now she believes in God and thinks she might want to be baptized. Seriously it is such a miracle. She is very sweet and cool. It's also fun because she is a college student, so we can relate to her really well. (I kind of think our entire teaching pool right now is girls about our age). Anyway, I've just been feeling really blessed that she literally just landed right in our lap. I think often the best people are the ones that Heavenly Father pretty much just hands to you. Very blessed.

2. ERRRRRIIIIIIINNNN. Why is Erin my very favorite person in the world? Here are her most recent updates.

First. She is getting baptized THIS WEEK. We are super excited. Her mom is cool with it, and she is very prepared. Before her interview on Saturday we were prepping her for all the questions and she just started telling us about patriarchal blessings and all this stuff. I love that girl.

Second. She told us this week that she, (and her friend Kaylea), want to go on missions. Coolest thing ever. I've always wanted to teach someone who goes on a mission. seriously. amazing.

Third. We had probably my favorite lesson of life with her this week. We taught her the Law of Chastity. So obviously we had to tell the members that that was what we were going to teach that day. So they all prepped her that is was going to be the most awkward lesson in the world. *facepalm* But we taught it and it all went pretty well. Only minor awkwardness. AND THEN Erin said the closing prayer, which went something like this... "Thank you for this very awkward lesson and please bless that we will never have to talk about it again anytime soon." SO HILLARIOUS. We all pretty much just ended up laughing our faces off. Bless that girl.

3. We were an answer to prayers. You know, on a mission, that you are probably very often a direct answer to someone's prayers. Often they don't know it. Even more often, you don't know it. But truly, we know Heavenly Father is always guiding us in who we talk to. Well, last night a member had signed up to feed us and she lives REALLY far away, so usually she will just drop it off to us. Well for some reason she asked if we would like to come there, and after thinking it through, we said yes. We drove out, had a nice dinner, and then started for home. Out of the blue Sister Lloyd and I remembered that we had planned to see a less-active member who lived out that way. We were pretty low on time, but decided to swing by. We got there and the less-active member was home. She invited us in, and we were able to start teaching her the restoration. A few minutes in she just paused us and said, "You girls don't even know. Just before you came here I had been reflecting on how trapped I feel. I prayed that Heavenly Father would help me and guide me... and then you showed up." It was such a tender mercy to know that Heavenly Father sent us EXACTLY where we needed to be that night. I always feel blessed to know that I am in the Lord's service.

In other news and on a somewhat random note, life has been good, but also kind of hard recently. Not anything huge or life shattering in anyway... but just different. A lot of obstacles to overcome. I've been praying for humility and I think that is where this is all coming from! Haha. But seriously, it's not always fun, but I've noticed myself being humbled by the Lord A LOT recently. One day I was feeling really frustrated about it and annoyed that I wasn't doing everything quite as great as I would have hoped... I was then reading this scripture in the Book of Mormon and it really made an impact. It says, "Nevertheless, the Lord God showeth us our weakness that we may know that it is by his grace and his great condescensions unto the children of men, that we have power to do these things." (Jacob 4:7).  I learn this over and over and yet I always seem to forget that this is not the work of Sister Langford. That I can never do enough of be enough to make Heavenly Father's work come to pass. But He can. Sometimes I just need to remember to take a step back and remember who is really in charge of it all.

Well, I am grateful to be here and love the mission.

Sister Langford

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