Monday, September 1, 2014

"Plans change, Success in Glenville, prayers answered, and 2nd, 3rd, & 100th chances are awesome!"


Hello my dear and lovely friends.

Another week has rolled on past. And in case anyone was wondering, September has arrived. I don't know what I have to do to make time move a little slower. I'll see who I can talk to about that one.

Anyway, let me tell you about what went down this week.

First of all, let me tell you that basically everything got thrown for a loop. I don't actually know why we even plan things. We were supposed to go on the three day exchange this week with the sisters that we are over, but we received a surprise call on Monday to let us know that one of the sisters was getting emergency transferred across the mission... so basically the 3 day exchange was off. We had been planning to be out of our area like all week... and surprise, now we are here. Which, in someways is good... but also we had NOTHING planned. We ended up going on a normal exchange with the sisters in Glenville (which will be mentioned of more later) and then we will go on exchange with the Glens Falls sisters today. Also, Glenn had to cancel his baptism... sad day. The place he was planning to move fell through last minute. On a happy note, he still wants to be baptized, but we are waiting until he has a place to live to set a date.

Suffice it to say, this week was not my best week of missionary work. Thank goodness for second and third and 100th chances to do better the next day.

But let's talk about the miracles.

1. ERIN. YOU GUYS. EEEEEERRRRRRIIIIIIINNNNN. She is such an answer to prayers I can not even begin to tell you. This week we took her on a church tour and when we got to the baptism font we invited her, again, to be baptized. She agreed that that was something she would like to do. We then asked her if she had thought about a date. She said, "Well... I was thinking I would like to do it the Saturday after school starts." So the word is that Erin's baptism will be held a week from Saturday. I swear we have been meeting with her like every day to make that happen, but she is so so solid. We introduced her to the Book of Mormon one night, the next morning we had an appointment (literally 13 hours later). When we asked her how her reading had been going she told us that she had read the first 4 chapters of the Book of Mormon and asked us really in depth and smart questions. She is so SO so great. Ah I can't even handle it.

2. So this was not our best week with 2 of our other investigators. For some reason we had felt like they were avoiding us all week and not wanting to meet with us :( which was a sad day. So we prayed that while we were in their area that we would somehow be able to make contact with them. So we went to our first appointment, and they had bailed. Second appointment, and she had left a note saying she didn't want to meet with us. Then we are driving down the street to go to the next person on our list, and who should we see meandering down the road but our 2 investigators. Seriously an answer to prayers. We quickly got out and talked with them. Thankfully we were able to set up an appointment and teach them a little lesson. I know it seems like a really small thing, but I know that Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers. Even the simple and somewhat insignificant ones.

3. EXCHANGE IN GLENVILLE. I was blessed to spend two days in Glenville with my dear Sister Curtis. It was muchos fun. The sisters there had really been struggling with finding people, and we could tell they were a little disheartened about the whole situation. When we began the exchange I asked Sister Curtis what she wanted to see happen on the exchange and what goals she wanted to work on. We decided together that we should pray to find 5 new investigators for them in the two days we had to work. Then, we got to work. During the exchange we picked up 3 new investigators, and found a TON of really solid potentials. Plus, we committed their investigator to baptism. It was so great. Then the day after the exchange they told us that they had found someone, taught them the first lesson, and picked them up as an investigator. Best news was, we had met this guys girlfriend while on the exchange. It was really amazing to see how much those sisters faith to find increased!

And now a few humorous quotes...

"You look like you could be Lil Wayne's spice." -16 year old kid trying to hit on us.

"We just like to go around and share a very special message about Jesus Christ" -Sister Langford
"That's cool. You know what I like? Bikes, and rip sticks..... and also dating." - same 16 year old kid

"Thank you for that very rhythmic knock." -random guy whose door we knocked on.

"Baptism is like a really clean shower... for your spirit." -member kid.

Well that's my story everyone. We can talk again next week.

Sister Langford

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