Hello friends and fans of blogging,
I have officially made it to the big NY. Life has been busy, crazy, rewarding, trying, and amazing. I'm learning to love it ;) just kidding, its been great.
If there are any tidbits of knowledge I have learned from my first week in New York it is this:
1. It will probably rain. Always have an umbrella on hand!
2. Pizza in an acceptable food choice for every meal!
3. My companion and I are either: A: "nuns or somethin'" or B: "too beautiful to be into that church stuff"
4. Everyone has at least one dog, 5 cats, and 1000 birds. Everyone.
5. Every day is an adventure.
So that"s the life right now. As for the series of events that have occurred since the arrival in Utica? Well, we arrived at the airport and we were greeted by the Mission President and his wife. We all went for pizza then went back to some members house to sleep. (Well, Sister Church and I did, most of the missionaries slept at the mission home but there wasn't enough room).
The next day we had some training and whatever and the President was having interviews with all of us so he would know where to send us and with who. So I go in for my interview and we talk for a bit and the President says "Well Sister Langford, I know where I'm sending you. You are going to a pretty new area. It's only been open for one transfer. The branch is pretty small and about 45 minutes from where you are. You will absolutely love your companion! I trust you!" and I was like ... ok.... trying to figure out what all this means of course.
So they gather all the new missionaries and we are standing outside of the chapel where all of the trainers are waiting for us. Then Sister Church looked at me and was like "You know, I think this is exactly what it would feel like to be sorted at Hogwarts." and I was like "Yes. yes it was." it was hilarious. Anyway, we all walk in, newby Hogwarts style. and we see all the trainers eagerly waiting for us. When who do I see, but my friend Olivia Smith from high school.
Well, after a bit, the President calls my name and I stand. And the President just looks at me for a long time, then he starts to cry a bit. Then he looked at Olivia, and said "I don't know why, but the Lord feels very strongly about this. Sister Langford, you are with Sister Smith"
Then obviously we freaked out and hugged each other and we were so so so excited! So yes, my companion is Olivia Smith from Alpine Utah! Graduated from the Lone Peak with me. It has been great though. We get along super well! We are serving in Cooperstown which is known for the Baseball Hall of Fame and the Dream Park. I don't know. It means nothing to either of us but there are tons of tourists up in here!
We have tons of investigators but no baptisms set up yet! We've had some really cool experiences though. My first day we were out knocking doors in Hartwick, (not sure how you spell it), and we weren't having much success (obviously) and we knocked on this one girl's door who Sister Smith said they had knocked like a million times, but this girl named Tara answered, who was somewhere in her twenties. We talked to her a bit and she said she was interested in hearing more. So then we tried to go back a couple other times but she was never home.
Well then Friday we were out and Sister Smith and I both just did not feel good about what we were doing. We were both like, I don't know why but I feel really bad. So we left the area we were in, and said a prayer that we would be guided to where we needed to go. As we were praying all I could think was "Tara, Tara, Tara, Tara." After the prayer I was like Sister Smith I think we need to visit Tara. And she was like ok. So we went and knocked on her door and she answered! She was like "sorry I work a ton and I just got home!" and we asked if we could talk with her, which she said we could so we taught her a mini lesson. She was really concerned about how a loving God could send people to Hell who didn't get a chance to hear about him. We taught her about the plan of salvation and she seriously just lit up. She told us that she had just moved here and was having a really hard time. Her job sucked, her family wouldn't talk to her, and she didn't like any of the churches (there are like a million churches in Cooperstown) and so she had prayed that she would know what to do. Well I guess that day we had knocked on her door. She said she thought it was a sign from God. I have never felt the spirit more strong! I then felt inspired to invite her to church! I said "Tara, this may be bold, but would you come to church with us on Sunday?" and she just looked too excited and was like " yes I would love to!" She ended up not being able to, but we have another meeting with her today so I'll let you know how it goes! It's so great when you feel like you are being led by the spirit! We have had so many experiences like that!
I suppose that's all for now! Cooperstown is a gem of a town and the companion is great. The apartment is darling. The work is moving forward. We are excited for the big announcement on Sunday!
Talk to Ya'll in a week!
Sister Langford