Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sister Langford's loving the MTC and the Mission!!

Hey peeps!
I've officially been in the "empty sea" for a week now! One week! Can we believe this? Time has flown! Actually, there is this super weird time warp that happens here at the MTC.  Everyday seems like it takes one hundred years, but then flies by. Makes no sense I  promise. Today was our first P Day and then we don't get another one until we are out in the field. We already got our flight plans! We leave June 11th early in the morning. My flight is connecting through Atlanta if that means anything to you!    
Well, I absolutely love it here. At first it was kind of hard... and overwhelming. But what they say is true. Make it to Sunday and you are golden.
 I absolutely adore my district! Which is probably good since we literally spend all day together in a teeny classroom! The Elders and hilarious and I love all the sisters to death! Most of us are going to Utica but weirdly 3 of the Elders in our district are going to Uganda. So we will miss them a lot when they are gone! All of us sisters share a room so we've all gotten really close.  To quote our dear Sister Bangerter "Every time our district is together its like 2 am at a sleep over". Basically we all are really slap happy. But we all love each other so much! Which has been a huge blessing! It almost feels like we have been friends forever which is so cool!  My companion's name is Sister Church (ironic we know) but we get along so great and teach really well together. Which has been fantastic.
Its hard to think of what we have even done since we've been here! Study, like a lot! I've never studied and prayed so much in my life! But it has for real made a huge impact in my life! We have two teachers. Their names are Sister Gibson and Brother Felstead, (not how you spell it but whatever).  They are so great and have helped me progress so so much! We doing a lot of role playing here. We have been teaching Sister Gibson (pretending to be an investigator named Selam).  It has been such a strengthening experience! I have really learned how important it is to follow the spirit when you are teaching. There was one time Sister Church and I went in and tried to teach Selam, but we just didn't really have the spirit. We had had a really long, tiring day. So we just gave the lesson we prepared. It went ok, but just not fantastic! The next time we went it, we prepared a little less, and relied on the spirit a whole lot more. The lesson was one of the more incredible things I have every felt. We were totally led by the spirit and ended up teaching not exactly what we had expected, but exactly what she needed to hear. Even though it was a fake investigator, the experience was so real. I'm so much less nervous to get out to Utica, and so much more excited to go!
Today we got to go to the temple as a district which was so great. Such a nice peaceful afternoon. (PS: I saw Katie Kirkham on the way to the temple! Her dad got a pic to send to Jeff ;) )   We love every time we get a break since we are non-stop working!
Oh,  PS: Thank you to everyone who sent me letters and packages! I currently have more candy and junk food than any person should have in their life! Haha! Everyday my district leader Elder Geilman goes "um... Sister Langford... there's another package for you..." haha my district thinks its hilarious!  But they love me since I share!
Well, before I go, I wanted to share some hillarious moments that happened this week
Moment 1:
"Elder Farris have you read D&C 6? It's gorgeous!" - Elder Geilman
Moment 2:
 "How do you spell prison?" - Sister Lynes
Moment 3:
One of the Elders going to Uganda was reading the part of 1 Nephi where it says the Lamanites were cursed with black skin and asked our teacher,
"What the heck am I supposed to tell  the Africans?!?"
Moment 4:
Everyone in my district (including elders) throwing up the double peace sign and calling it the "Sister Langford"
Moment 5:
Elder Allred thinking he found a super cool and uplifing scripture to share... only to find its not..
" I thought it said leading AWAY from whoredoms! Not TO whoredoms!"
Haha as you can tell, we find joy in the little things!
Well that's really all for now! I leave for  Utica early Tuesday morning so I won't get  another P day for a week and a half... so this will have to hold ya'll over until then!
 Love you all and thanks for the support!
Sister Langford

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