Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Rainy, Hot, Humid but I love Cooperstown!!

Hello from Cooperstown, NY.

This week has been fairly uneventful if we are being honest. We mostly tried to find. A lot of our investigators have been super wishy-washy lately. I tell ya, people here in New York struggle with making commitments. We think we have found an awesome investigator, then they totally bail on us! Such is life I suppose! We just keep looking until we find the prepared right?

We have had some amazing lessons this week though, and we have really been uplifted by the spirit. I guess we just have to focus on those times when it starts to get rough! We found this really great girl to teach who seems super prepared! We really are hoping it works out and that we can help her progress! Prayers in this direction are always appreciated.

It's starting to get very hot here, which is no bueno for tracting. then again, maybe people let us in their houses because they see how sad and sweaty we are! Haha oh the life of a missionary!

This week, I had my first experience with someone trying to chew me out. It was such a terrible experience. The whole time this lady was yelling at us all I could think was "the Lord loves her. Do not fight. We need to leave. The gospel's true." It was sad we couldn't get her to feel the spirit, but honestly more than anything it confirmed to me how true the church was. Every day I feel like I have some revelation, simple though they may be, that testify to me how true the church is and how blessed I have been in my life! I truly believe I was called to this day and age to help spread the gospel. Its a hard work, but it really is worth it.

Well, since not much happened, I figured I would tell ya'll about New York. What I like, and what I could do without.

What I love:
1. When it rains, it really really rains. (none of this Utah sprinkle crap) (can you say crap when you're a missionary?)
2. The people are all super friendly to us. Even if they don't want to hear our message.
3. Delicious pizza and ice cream (holla fat kid problems)
4. Beautiful scenery and landscapes (valleys, rolling hills, sunsets, lakes, etc)
5. The most charming and adorable architecture you have ever seen
6. New York accents
7. Stunning flowers
8. The Amish people (specifically their baked goods)
9. The small town mentality
10. Jamming to EFY songs in the car
11. Teaching by the spirit
12. Seeing people in Cooperstown from Utah.

What I do not love:
1. Suicidal animals (beavers, porcupine, turtles, deer, etc. all run out into the road. Hello road kill)
2. Everyone owning a million stinky, annoying animals
3. the humidity
4. Creepy men
5. How everyone smokes (ew)
6. Everything is way far away (hello mile restrictions on the car)
7. non-committal people
8. These weird animals that are everywhere and I don't know what they are but I have decided to dub "wombats"

There is probably more I could write, but its impossible to remember! Well I love you all! Thank you so much for the support (can I be an annoying missionary who throws in how they want people to write them? seriously my comp gets like 5 letters a day....)

Sister Langford

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