Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Colors, Bambi Down, Movie Extras & Following Promptings!!

 Hello again,
I don't know about you guys, but I swear these weeks fly. Was I not just writing this blog, like.... yesterday? Weird.
Anyway, It was another rad week. The fall colors are amazing. Ugh. New York in the fall is the greatest. So many good things happened. Of course missionary work always has its ups and downs, but we were truly blessed this week. Ok. Let's talk about it.
Missionary Joys:
1. We picked up a new investigator! Yay! It's so amazing to see things like that happen! It has truly been a struggle to get things going here in Cooperstown. Every new person we find is such a blessing! Let me tell you, this guy is so prepared! I'll keep you posted on how things go!
2. Two of our investigators set baptism dates! They are the cutest, young married couple. The husband has known for a while that he wanted to get baptized, but last time we met, the wife made a pro and con list to baptism. We were like, "Well, do you feel like the pros out weight the cons?" and she was like.... "Well... ya." So we said "Well, what are you going to do about it?" AND SHE DECIDED SHE WANTED TO BE BAPTIZED. Ugh. I love being a missionary.
3. Trish and her boys are so ready for baptism. I cannot even tell you how excited we are for this weekend. I swear. In our last lesson with them, we asked each of the boys what they were most excited for about baptism. These were their answers.
Cody (14) : "To be a member of the church and hold the priesthood"
Travis (12): "To have all my sins washed away and be closer to God"
Jamison (8): "To have the Holy Ghost with me all the time"
Ahh. They are adorable and they are going to be the greatest members. I am so excited. So blessed to have found them and taught them.
The Goods:
So many weird/funny things happened this week. for real.
1. While searching for new service opportunities, we thought we would see if we could help at the hospital in town.  (Since it basically runs this town!) So we go in and we are talking to the lady and she asks us if we would like to push around a coffee cart. Yup. COFFEE CART. We both just awkwardly look at each other like..... ummm..... Anyway, an awkward conversation followed, as you might imagine.
2. Our mission leader and his wife picked us up one night to go to a meeting. On the drive over we were all getting kind of car sick, and so over the car ride. His wife, (who is this feisty Puerto Rican woman), starts complaining about how she wants to get out of the car. Well right then, OUR MISSION LEADER HIT A DEER!  It was terrifying and hilarious. They said they were glad we were in the car because we gave them protection :) #newyorkproblems
3. (Quote by Travis): "God brought you into this world and he can take you out!"  Those kids kill me.
4. One night, we pulled into our usual parking spot along Main, and this man comes up to our car. We're like, "Wait, someone WANTS to talk to us?" but it turns out he was just telling us we couldn't walk down Main Street BECAUSE THEY WERE SHOOTING A MOVIE. That's right, a movie on Main Street in Cooperstown. Good news though, we made it in the background of a shot.  So like, if you see sister missionaries in a movie in Cooperstown, its us.
Spiritual message:
This week Sister Hansen and I had to give the training at District Meeting. Our topic was "Recognizing Promptings". Which was great. Well the most amazing thing was this week, I had a ton of experiences with recognizing promptings. Let me tell you.
1. We were driving on this super rural hill, somewhere in New York, trying to contact a referral. Well on the way up the hill, we see this guy walking along. I didn't really think much about him, and we kept driving. Well, the referrals we were trying to find, we very uninterested.... So we were like, man that was lame. So we are driving back down the hill, and I see this guy again. Out of no where, I decided to stop the car, roll down my window and start talking to this man (talk about creeper). Well he turned out to be really nice, and sincerely interested! We haven't met with him yet, but I will keep you posted on how that goes!
2. We were walking down a street in Cooperstown, and all of a sudden I thought we should go see one of our investigators, who we haven't seen in FOREVER. But, it was kind of late, (he has young kids), and we had just texted him the day before and he said he was busy.... so every thing was telling me "no, don't try and see him." But for some reason, I knew we needed to. So we went. We knocked on that door, and his wife, (who has been kind of holding him back), came to the door. We got to chat with her for a minute, and build a relationship. Who knows if we ever would have gotten to do that, had we not gone at that moment.
3. (Final story). We went to go see our investigator, Tara. We knocked a couple of times, she wasn't there. So we were about to leave, but Sister Hansen said, " No we should wait and write a note for her." So we did. It delayed us a good 5 minutes. Well, right as we were about to leave the note and get on with our day, she pulled up. Like what?
Moral of the story, none of these promptings were huge, or life changing. Had we not followed them, it wouldn't have been the end of the world. When we received these promptings, they didn't even feel like the spirit of God talking to us. It just felt like a tiny thought. Not very profound, but, we acted. Never be afraid to act. Heavenly Father gives us these "still, small thoughts" to see if we have the faith to act. We don't know God's plan, or whats going to happen, but if we have the faith to act, God will bless us :)
Well, that's all for this week.
Sister Langford

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