Monday, October 7, 2013

100 % Visiting Teaching, Crocheting, & BEST DAY and 18 MONTHS EVER!!!

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Ah. So Monday is here once more. I swear, these weeks fly. I can't believe that we find out about transfers THIS WEEK. Like what? It seriously feels like Sister Hansen and I just started taking Cooperstown by storm.... but what do you do?
Well, that majority of this week was rather lame. We taught some lessons, talked to some people, walked around and stuff. Nothing too earth shattering. I guess Heavenly Father gave us a lame week because he knew that the weekend was going to be AMAZING and I couldn't have too many things to write home about right?
So before we get into the REALLY good stuff, here are some other highlights:
1. One of our members is now teaching us how to crochet. Yup. So basically I'm just getting prepared for when I am a lonely cat lady'!!   (Just kidding. Crocheting is way rad). So Sister Hansen and I are WAY into it. We had to go get our oil changed on Wednesday, and as we waited, we crocheted.  Good news, we made a friend that way.... so like, share the gospel while crocheting.  It's proven to work!
2.We had a WONDERFUL visit with Sister Rasmussen from home. Turns out she is my visiting teacher.  So everyone, take notes. She flew across the country to get 100% visiting teaching. We need to see some more of that commitment!  :)
3. We taught a really great lesson to one of our investigators. She basically knows that it is all true, but won't accept it simply because she doesn't believe there is one true church. So we were teaching her on Thursday night and we layed it on the line for her. I just remember being totally guided by the spirit, and boldly saying "This is either totally true, or it's totally false. This is a black or white issue. So you need to find out. If this is true, then it's the most important thing you will ever learn in your life. If it's not true, then we're wasting our time. All we ask, is that you sincerely find out." Oh man. it was bold. But, it really got to her! Here's hoping that she does!
4. This week I had some pretty big downs. I was having a pretty rough day on Friday. That night we went to teach Trish and her family and we were talking about the Holy Ghost. We read them a scripture that really hit me. I can honestly say it was an answer straight from Heavenly Father to me.
The scripture was John 14:27 which says:
 "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."
I guess it just really hit me, because all that Christ will give us is peace and love. Satan can try and make us feel troubled, but it's our choice. I think the word "let" is really profound. We choose if we are going to let our heart be troubled and afraid. I just really realized this week how loving and merciful the Savior really is. We are SO much harder on ourselves that he will ever be on us.
Oh my goodness. Saturday may go down in history as the greatest day of my life. THE HOPKINS WERE BAPTIZED!!! I honestly feel like my whole mission has been building up to this moment. The best moments were....
1. When Trish was baptized. Seeing her go down into the water, then the light on her face when she came back up, was so incredible. I was bawling. You could literally see the light of Christ radiating from her. To see someone come so far, to make so many changes, and allow themselves to be cleansed through baptism and the atonement of Christ.... it makes everything worth it.
2. Watching the boy's faces as they were confirmed. They were so cute and just smiling like crazy. Afterward I kept asking how they felt and all they could say was "happy. So, so happy." I can't believe the change that this will make in their lives!
3. The absolute icing on the cake, best moment, that makes me never want to stop being a missionary, was when Trish bore her testimony. She got up there, and her eyes were watering, and she started talking. She basically just talked about how she was trying to figure out which church to go to. How there are three churches in Hartwick, but she didn't want to go to any of them, and then we knocked on her door. She basically went on to say how thankful she was that we came, and never gave up. How thankful she is for the church and to know that it is true. It was the best moment of my life. To know that because I gained a testimony and was willing to come out here and share it, Trish and her family will never be the same. They mean the world to me, and I am so grateful to have been able to be here to see it all happen!
Of course conference was great as well, and I learned a TON, but I will save those tidbits for another day. This week I realized something profound....
Even though some days are rough, and we have awkward moments like nobody's business. And we walk. and talk. and cry. and love. and some people won't change...But then you find someone like Trish, and it makes me realize how this really is the best eighteen months :)
Sister Langford

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