Monday, April 28, 2014

"Killed it at Zone Conference, Mama Mia, Don't Spin then run, Unfinished story-Continued, He Said Yes, & Laman & Lemuel are Jerks."



Oh my goodness this was such a good week. We had so many miracles, it's like I don't even know where to start..... Ok after some deep thought I have decided to begin with a quote from our mission president's wife, Sister Wirthlin, to set the mood...

"It brought tears to my eyes.... and usually I only cry during dog movies!"

Anyway, let us begin. This week we...

1. Had Zone Conference. The Assistants and Pres came up to the great north and trained us on how to more effectively teach Preach my Gospel. It was super great. Sister Davis and I had the great joy to role play one of the teaching methods in front of the whole zone. We pretty much killed it. Oh man we were so, so, nervous, but it ended up ok. During these role plays President & Sister Wirthlin were throwing out all kinds of crazy quotes. To name a few...

" Religiousity! That's a new word.... everyone! Write that one down!" -President

"Everyone who has been using this has been going bananas with it. You know, bananas are pretty slick." -President

"They look properly, they dress properly, their pants are around their wastes!" -President

"Oh man, I LOVE TEXAS!" -President

2. Went on exchange with Sister Malavasi. Sister Malavasi is from Italy and pretty much the most hilarious person I have ever met. We had a super awesome time. Here are some of my favorite quotes from her...

"Oh mama mia! You have killer lady gloves on your table!"

"Langford.... its like.... a strong name. Like a business owner, or a slave owner."

"Caio bella!"

"You are just a crazy american!"

3. Hosted the YSA FHE here in Potsdam. It was pretty fun. And you may have already anticipated this, but here are some funny quotes that stemmed from planning for, and seeing out this experience.

"Have you ever tried to spin around really fast and then run in a straight line?" - Elder

"This is obviously an idea that's coming up as we're talking to you" - Elder

"These people have to... well we think its a good idea.... spin around." -Elder

"Bad things.... like adultery."

Ok, now lets's talk about some of the cool things that happened this week.

1. To continue the unfinished story... this week we went over to this girl's house to teach her the gospel. (You will remember her.  She is the lady from the food pantry).  Well we went in and for some reason I was super nervous. Which was weird. But we got talking with them, and things seemed to be going really well. We taught them the first lesson and by the end the spirit was crazy strong. We invited them to pray about the restoration to know if it was true and they said that they believed it was! So moral of the story, we are now teaching her and her boyfriend!

2. We also had a really good lesson with our other investigator while I was on exchange with Sister Malavasi. We taught him about the plan of salvation and during the lesson Sis Malavasi told him that she would save him a seat in the Celestial Kingdom. At the end of the lesson we challenged him to baptism... AND HE SAID YES! We then asked him why he wanted to be baptized. He said "Well, I want to become a better person and continue on this path.... and this seems like the way to go! Anyway, someone is already saving me a seat in the Celestial Kingdom!" Too good! Ah, I love seeing people progress!

3. Another miracle that happened on exchange... EVERY SINGLE PERSON WAS HOME. Maybe you guys don't understand how huge of a miracle this is... but usually we have these people that we are always trying to see, but they are never home, or they are always busy... and during my 24 hours with Sister Malavasi every person we had planned to see was home, and welcomed us in. Like seriously you guys, this never happens. Not to mention that one of those people we picked up as a new investigator! amazing!

4. We went back to see this guy we found while tracting), and he had read the entire first book of Nephi and had lots to talk about! It was so good. My favorite thing he said...

"I'm gonna be honest with you guys, I think Laman and Lemuel are kind of jerks. They are my least favorite and I really don't know why they don't just leave them to die in the wilderness!"

I died.

..,.,,and then some sad things happened...

We basically had to drop all of our investigators. We realized that a lot of them were not going anywhere. This seems to be a reoccurring theme with me in Norwood... but it still is never easy. We then received a super harsh drop from one of our investigators.   She told us she wouldn't come to church anymore and that she didn't believe we had to do anything to get salvation... that grace covered it all. It reminded me a lot of Elder Holland's talk from this last conference... you know. People wanting a lazy God. But it was super heart breaking. NEVERTHELESS we found 3 new investigators this week and things will continue to progress in the north country!

Now, one more quote...

" That song should be missionary approved. There's not anything inappropriate except the deebeedee's."
-Sister Davis.

Well.... SEE YA NEXT WEEK! #ciaobella

Sister Langford

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