Monday, April 7, 2014

"Norwood Heatwave, Sunflower Cake & conference, "I Know God Loves Me," Great General Conference, & Right Places at the Right Times."


Hello everyone! Oh man, this week has been CRAZY! We spent two days going down to Utica for MLC, then we spent two days watching General Conference.  (OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO GOOD BUT WE WILL TALK ABOUT THAT LATER).  So... not much time for actual missionary work. But the time we did have was so, so good. Also, I would like to point out that it is SIXTY degrees today. I think we have entered into heaven. Ok, enough about the weather. Let's talk about the good stuff.


1.  My investigators are so, so good. They totally came to the Sunday Morning session of conference and loved it. PLUS they stayed for the potluck (which is a big step), and even provided a lovely sunflower cake! Ah it was so good. Oh,  and did I mention that she listened to the Saturday session while she was baking said cake? So happy. Man.

2. My investigator D. He is going strong. Just as solid as ever. Just SOLID.

3. We had a super bomb lesson this week with another investigator couple. We were talking about, I don't know what, (the gospel probably), and I told her..
"If God loves us, which I know He does..."

and then she stopped me.

She got a really serious look on her face and said, "Sister Langford, how do you know God loves you?"

It seriously took me back. I don't know if I have ever had someone ask me that so directly without any warning. I took a minute and I really, really thought about it. (There was some serious soul searching). 

Then I looked at her and I said " I don't know how to explain it. But there have just been too many instances in my life where I couldn't have made it if God didn't love me. I have seen too many miracles and felt His spirit so strong that I just KNOW God loves me. And if He loves me like that, then He loves you like that too."

She thought about that for a minute. Then said, "I don't know that God loves me."

Then the spirit hit us hard as Sister Davis and I testified to her how SHE could know that God loves her. Man, it was so powerful, but I was definitely grateful that I had had that chance to really reflect on how I knew it. :)

4. RIGHT PLACE, RIGHT TIME. This week we were SO in the right place at exactly the time we needed to be there. It was amazing how we were so led, yet didn't even realize it. here's what happened.
            -First we went to see this former investigator who we had dropped like a week after I got to Norwood and we hadn't felt inclined to visit her again until this week. Well we went in, and she started to talk to us, and all of a sudden I felt really powerfully that there was a reason that we were there. RIGHT THEN she started to tell us how that day was the anniversary of the death of her grand daughter. She also told us of some other struggles she had been having and how she realized that we were probably an answer to her prayers that day. It was so cool because we were able to testify to her of the Plan of Salvation and really just bring the peace of the spirit into her home. She probably still isn't quite ready for the gospel YET, but Heavenly Father is so mindful of His children that He sent us to see her on that very day when she needed us. It was so good.
          - RIGHT after we had the previous experience, we tried this guy named C. (I mentioned him a while back, he is the one who randomly called us and said he wanted us to come teach him the gospel).  Well, we went to go see if he was home and right as we were walking to him door, so was he (awkward, but we rolled with it).  We start telling him about the restoration and he is just like "yes! yes!" It was so great! We couldn't have a full lesson, but he seems super prepared and ready to learn! I'm excited to give you all more up dates on how it all goes! :)

5. *This may be the coolest thing of my entire week* So we went down to Utica for MLC (as mentioned previously).  Well, we were hanging out at the church doing some planning with all the other Sister Training Leaders when who should I see but good old Brother and Sister Bruneau! (Grandma Dorothy's son-in-law and daughter) AH! It was so exciting :) Sometimes when you leave an area you think everything that happened there was a dream... but the Bruneau's told me that Grandma Dorothy is doing so, so good and that they are helping her prepare for the temple in September.  :)  Could not have been a happier conversation if it tried :). Ahh man, blessings!


Ok.  So how good was Conference! I seriously get so stoked about the fact that a prophet of God speaks to us! Seriously, why would everyone not want to watch that? But there was a few things that I wanted to point out to all of you!

1. How much did we all love M. Russell Ballard's talk? A member totally texted us during the talk and said, "I bet this is your favorite talk so far!" haha. But anyway, Elder Ballard challenged ya'll to study from our dear Preach My Gospel and then share with the full time missionaries, (aka me), what you learned! So I just wanted to emphasize that challenge! I hope you all have a copy of PMG. I'm excited to hear what all of you are learning from that glorious handbook! #missionarywork

2. My fav. talks were definitely (this isn't necessarily in order)

-Jeffrey R Holland (shout out to sister missionaries everywhere!)

- David A Bednar (EVERYONE can use the Atonement to better ourselves. SO GOOD)

-Dieter F Uchtdorf (Be grateful not because of what you have, but just because.  #attitudeofgratitude)

- President Thomas S Monson (LOVE LOVE LOVE)

Anyway, conference was rad and I hope you all study it like mad :)

Ok ok. FUNNY QUOTES and then I'm out...

1. me- "Guess what my favorite musical is?"

     (A recent convert) - "cats!"

2. A recent covert- "Like when He suffered in the Garden of Yosemite?"

3. "Only missionaries would know about stacking big macs" -President Wirthlin

4. "When you do dumb things, enjoy them in the moment because they may never come again!" - President Wirthlin

5. "I always say, my memory is only as good as my notebook!" -President Wirthlin

6. "Remember when we role played in these chairs"

*blank stare*

"and by we I mean Elder Nygard..."

Alright,  well thats all kids! Hope you have a blessed week :)

Sister Langford

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