Monday, June 2, 2014

"A Real City, Glass Factory Tour, Prayers Answered, Mormon-Ads & Dancing=Hip Damage, Upcoming Baptisms."


Hola friends. Another week of missionary life has come and passed. Where does it go? We had a pretty bomb week in a lot of ways and we have a lot more coming up soon! I'm telling you, we never slow down. So let's talk about what happened this week.

1. Zone Training Meeting. It was a really good meeting and was very inspired. I definitely received a lot of direction and answers to prayers. So that was awesome. And get this, we have another ZTM in like 10 days and this time we have to train..... so are we excited about it.... eeeeeeeeeh.....

2. I went on EXCHANGE! Ok you guys. This week I got to go on exchange to Binghamton. THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS IN BINGHAMTON. It's like a legit city. There were so many stores I couldn't even handle it. The first 20 minutes of our exchange was just me going, "oh my gosh you have a (fill in name of a good restaurant or store).  You guys don't even know how blessed you are!" But it was super fun! I was blessed to spend the day with the wonderful Sister Miller. We had a very successful day out in Binghamton and even found them a new 'gator so that was pretty sweet :)

3. Today we went to the CMOG (Corning Museum of Glass) with our district. It was pretty fun and we looked at really expensive glass and stuff. And then we had to refrain ourselves from buying all the super cool stuff at the gift shop.

So those are my random things.

Now let's talk about the BLESSINGS.

1. The answers to prayers and constant blessings have kept on rollin' in this week. I have the most amazing story. So for the past week or so, I have been praying very specifically that someone would contact us with a desire to learn about the gospel. That is a very faith-filled thing to pray for... because there isn't much YOU personally can do to get someone to contact you. But we kept the faith and kept praying for it. Everyday that went by without someone contacting us didn't diminish the faith because I knew,  (especially with the experiences last week), that Heavenly Father will answer my prayers. So then last Monday we were in the midst of emailing when we received a Headquarter referral on our phone (it's where someone goes to and requests a missionary visit. They are pretty few and far between up here). So I see it's a HQ referral and I start to just freak out because I KNEW that Heavenly Father would answer my prayer! Well we looked at the referral and it was none other than one of our less-active members who we meet with every week. I was like, "Dang it! Is this my answer or do I need to just keep being patient?" Well, I didn't feel like this phony headquarter referral was my answer, so I held out. Then on Saturday morning we went out to go try a potential... she wasn't available.... so we started to tract around her. We started walking up to a house and I felt different. Like "for some reason, this house is special." We knocked on the door and talked with a very friendly lady. She wasn't really interested in what we had to say, so we left her with a card and continued on our merry way. About a half hour later we looked at our phone and we had received a text from that lady saying she would like us to stop back by around 12:30. You guys. I was so excited. But we texted her back and said, "definitely! Is there anything you need help with?" She said, "No. I just had some questions about what you believe." PRAYER WORKS EVERYONE. So we went back, taught her the restoration, and now she is investigating. I can't even explain how blown away I was. It made me think of a quote from President Monson...

"We rarely have failures when we deal in specifics, we rarely have success when we deal in generalities."

So my testimony is that if you sincerely pray for something specific, you will get it. I know it. I have seen it so many times these past couple of weeks that I can't even handle it.

2. Our investigator couple are still doing super good! When we asked them how they were feeling about baptism they said, "We can't stop thinking about it. I will just be walking along and I will start thinking about it. Or I will see one of your pamphlets and read through it. It's always there!" AH! So awesome. They are doing very very well.

3. And just one more example of how the Lord is always carrying a miracle in His back pocket for us. Yesterday we were feeling super drained, #fastsunday and just really done.... but we had a lot of time and like zero appointments. So we went out and started tracting and seriously, my energy level was a zero. So I said a prayer in my heart just saying, "Heavenly Father, today I can't give you much. My energy is low and I can't go above and beyond. But somehow I trust that you will make what I can give enough." So we went out and pretty half-heartedly knocked on some doors. After a lot of knocking and no success, we finally met a super nice lady with whom we had an awesome spiritually up-lifting conversation. Just like I said, I couldn't give much, but Heavenly Father still helped us find. We are truly blessed here in Corning.

...and one funny story to end the blog...

Let me paint this picture. There is a small rim that goes around the ceiling of our living room. The room was bare and super boring so I said to myself, you know what I should do? I should cover that rim in Mormonads. So thus I went into our cupboard of old New Era's and cut out like 75 Mormonads to place around the room. So during our lunch hour I spread them out on the floor and work on hanging them up. (it's whatever I have no life). So one day this week, (after having a super bomb lesson), we came back to our apartment for lunch. I spread my Mormonads out as always.Well Sister Fiefia and I started to have a dance party to celebrate our cool lesson. So we are dancing and laughing and I choose to pull out one of my best dance moves, (the bernie-jerk as taught to me by Sister Davis).  I then lost control and slipped on the Mormonads and went down hard. hahahaha. So now I have a bruised hip and stuff.... but seriously? Slipping on Mormonads while Bernie-jerking? #mylife #missionaryprobs. I then said, "Man, I wish I had a twitter so I could tweet about this moment!" Haha, goooooood times.

Well.... I'm outy! Thanks for being the best!

Sister Langford
PS. Check out the sweet new painting of sister missionaries by Greg Olsen. Please explain to me why I am in this painting? Ok, awesome thanks.

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