Monday, June 16, 2014

"Lovin' Owego, Prayers Answered, Planting Food Bank Seeds, McDonalds Missionary Lunch!"


Bonjour everyone. Oh man, life in Corning has been going pretty sweet this week. I mean, I would say it was a successful week. I didn't do my hair once and I wore the same skirt for three days... but who's counting? #sistermissionarylife Ok so lets talk about this fabulous week :)

The random.

1. Zone Training Meeting. 
This week Sister Fiefia and I had the blessed opportunity to train at Zone Training Meeting. We were giving a training on having more faith in this new teaching method that we have been taught. Anyway, the planning was going disastrous. just.... bad news bears. Then we realized something super obvious, we weren't even using the new teaching method to teach them to have faith IN the new teaching method! So we reworked it and it ended up being really great! Ah... being a missionary is so good :)

2. I went on exchange to the blessed town of Owego! BEST. EXCHANGE. EVER. Why do I belong in Owego? I swear I connected so beautifully with every person we met. Their apartment is adorable (above shops and a sweet brick wall) and I just felt so at home. Ahh, I love Owego. Did I pray 4 times that I would get transferred there? .... maybe. But I'm pretty sure Heavenly Father has a better plan for me than I can think of for myself. Anyway, Owego is the best, and chillin with Sister Ashcraft is the best. So no complaints for that one.

3. So then after the exchange, we met up in Elmira to exchange back (which is about an hour from each of our typical locations).  We got all the way home to Corning.... when we realized that we didn't have our phone. One of the lovely sisters had taken our phone with her back to Owego. #facepalm. Luckily the best member ever drove us all the way back to Elmira to get our phone and then bought us delicious frozen custard, so my day got better from then on out. 

4. Also there was a parade in our area which everyone and their dog was attending (literally).  So we had no choice but to attend as well. This parade featured tractors, people walking their dogs, and 5 million marching bands (classic New York). But don't worry. We had our own parade on the side where we walked around and smiled and flashed our badges as much as possible. 

The good.
1. PRAYERS ARE BEING ANSWERED. Ok I know that you all know this. But I just wanted to make sure you knew even more. This week I had been praying for a couple of different things. 1. I prayed that our investigators would start to progress towards baptism and 2. That we would find a young girl (maybe in her 20's) who would want to learn about the gospel. Well last night I was thinking about these prayers (because I had been feeling like maybe I hadn't seen an answer yet) and then I thought about V. I'm sure I've talked about V before, but this week she really caught on fire! We taught her 3 times. She is such a sincere seeker of truth. Not to mention she is now progressing and she is a young girl in her 20's who wants to learn about the gospel! (not how I anticipated this prayer being answered, but I will take it).  Yesterday, when we met with her she had a lot of questions about the plan of salvation. We kept telling her the only way she could know about these things was to pray, and find out. Then out of the blue she said, "I've really been feeling like I need to be baptized. Its been weighing on me a lot, so I've signed up to be baptized at my church!" I then had the opportunity to testify to her that if this church is true, then she should be baptized here. We really committed her to pray to know. She told us that if she came to know this was all true, she would definitely be baptized! SO SOLID. You guys, she is seriously going somewhere and she's so sincere and I can't even handle it. ok ok. 

2. We found another new investigator named A while tracting! Not too much to say there... yet! But I definitely know miracles will be comin'! 

3. Another cool experience. We volunteer at this food pantry every week. This week there was a new girl working there. She was like 18 (which is unusual for food pantry volunteers),  Anyway, I had a chance to talk with her and she was a really cool girl. I kept praying that I would be able to talk with her about the gospel. Every time it would get close to that kind of conversation, someone would ask us a question or pull one of us away, or for some reason or another, I couldn't finish it! Then finally 10 minutes before we had to go, I had the opportunity to explain it all to her and bear my testimony. It was just a simple in, but I think it planted a seed and hopefully we will see her next week and continue to plant :)

4. ....and many other miracles that I do not have the time to write about. but just know in your heart that they happened. 

The laughs.

" That heartless redheaded scum bag did me in!" - member talking about Wendy's 

"Yeah we could chill at the beach, and have fun..." - Sister Langford
"... and steal white people's wallets..." -Sister Fiefia

*imagine this* two sister missionaries smuggle two chicken breasts, a full loaf of home made bread, two apples and a bag of carrots into Mcdonalds. They then buy a Diet Coke to make up for using their facilities. They they ask for a fork and knife. The cashier is confused. All they bought was a Diet Coke. The sisters then go to the outdoor eating area and eat their really random lunch while dodging dirty looks from the Mcdonalds customers. #casualcorninglunchhour 

Ok well.... I'm out. Can you all believe we find out about transfers again this week? Did I not just arrive in Corning? Ok, well that is all oh... and Shout out to Elder Langford! Comin' home strong this week! 
Love you bro!

Sister Langford

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