Monday, June 9, 2014

"Bug Bites, MLC #9, Prayers Answered, Powerful Testimony, and a Squirrely Joke!"


Hello my friends. Well this week happened. I kind of feel like that is all there is to say!  No, all is well. We have officially jumped into another wonderful New York summer. That means crazy heat, lots of rain... and bug bites out the wazoo. I just want you all to know that I just counted and I currently have at least 20 bug bites. Ok, I'm over it. Lets talk about the week.


1. Soooooowe went on EXCHANGE with the sisters in Elmira. I stayed here with the wonderful Sister Peterson. We had some really good times, wrote a song about getting on the "struggle bus", taught some sweet lessons, and tracted a street called "Norwood St." (how good is that?) and we enjoyed every minute of our exchange time.

2. Then we spent two days in Utica for MLC.  Hurray!! Let's be honest, I'm surprised they aren't sick of having me there yet. I have been at the past 8 MLC's (and a couple of other ones before that).  But it was definitely good times. We were blessed to make the 3 1/2 hour drive to Utica in the Zone Leaders' wonderful mini van. We then discussed mission business. I got to see my darling Sister Davis and spend some time with her.... and then we made the drive back to Corning!

3. We then spent much of our remaining time preparing our training that we will be giving at Zone Training Meeting on Tuesday.

*So as you can see, SO MUCH of our time was eaten up by leadership business... but we did still see some miracles. So let's talk!


1. Ms. B. Remember her? She was the lady who texted us and asked us to come back and talk with her about the gospel? Well, we taught her again this week, and it was a really good lesson.  :) She seems to be progressing really well. (So just a little follow up item. We will now move on). 

2. PRAYER WORKS. In case you haven't picked up on this theme, I'm going to talk about it again. So Sister Fiefia and I were out in Campbell (pronounced camp-bell not like the soup), one day this week for a lesson. Well we arrived a bit early, so we decided to do some tracting. We picked a random trailer park and went to work. Before we got out I prayed that we would be able to find someone who would accept the message of the restoration. And then we got out, and knocked, and man, it was such a successful night. Almost everyone we talked to said we could come back. THINGS WERE GOING SOOOO WELL. Then we saw this group of people, chillin on a porch, smoking and possibly drinking. We thought to ourselves "do we go and talk to them?" soooo.... we went for it. We started to talk to these people and the conversation was really picking up. We then had the opportunity to share with them THE MESSAGE OF THE RESTORATION. One of the guy's in particular really received the message. He was like "yeah, I've always wondered those things!" So bottom line, we have a return appointment with him on Tuesday! You guys, Heavenly Father hears and answers our prayers :)

3. Like I said earlier, we didn't have a ton of time this week for just normal proselyting. But on Saturday night we said, "well, we've got about tow hours before we have to call it a night. lets go see what we can do!" We were out and about and EVERY person we talked to was super solid, let us share a brief restoration, and said we could come back. EVERY SINGLE PERSON. If only you guys knew how rare this was! It was like we got a full days work done in just a few hours. I'm telling you, Heavenly Father blesses you when you fulfill your calling!

4. At the end of MLC I had the opportunity to bear my testimony. We always have a testimony meeting at the end of every missionary meeting. But this time for some reason I felt really strongly that I needed to get up and share. Well, I kept trying to get up, but every time I would, someone would stand up and get there before me. I was like "c'mon! seriously!" So I was about to give up on bearing my testimony when I realized, "wait! Satan is trying to discourage me from getting up there and sharing!" and then I knew I HAD to bear my testimony. Because there had to be a really huge reason why Satan would try and stop that! Well when I bore my testimony the spirit was so strong and it was exactly what I needed. Such a strong spiritual confirmation. Ah man, everyone, go bear your testimony! haha there is no better feeling than sitting down after you have said what you wanted to say and just feeling the spirit confirm to you that what you did and said was pleasing to the Lord :)

the laughs...

and now one funny joke, one funny story, and a quote. 

1. "Hey! Sister Langford. Why did the squirrel fall out of the tree?" -Zone Leader while we are driving to MLC

"I don't know. why?" -Sister Langford

"Because he was dead!" -Zone Leader

*Sis lang dies laughing*

"Hey, Sister Langford. Why did the other squirrel fall out of the tree?" - Zone Leader

"I don't even know!" - Sis lang

"Because he was stapled to the first squirrel!" -Zone Leader

(it was a long drive! haha)

2. Sister Fiefia and Sister Langford are walking down the street. See a random guy who they have talked to before. Stop and say hi. He grabs both their hands and asks them to pray with him. They pray. He then awkwardly hugs both of them and then dramatically tells them that he will be at church on Sunday! (missionary life!)

3. "All ya'll Utah people have huge four-finger foreheads. That why ya'll stick together!" -Recent convert

oh man. Well that was my week! Good things to come this week :) Adious!

Sister Langford

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