Thursday, July 17, 2014

"25 Lessons, Tender Mercies & Free Ice Cream, & Christ will save us if we have Faith"

B to the L to the O to the G.

Hello hello hello.

You guys. This week was seriously nuts. Do I say that every single week? Probably. But seriously this week was more nuts than other weeks of my life. Ok. Let me tell you why it's crazy...

1. We had more teaching appointments than I have ever had in my whole mission life. (We taught 25 lessons this week... which is a crazy ton since the standard of excellence is 20 lessons). 

2. We went on an exchange, and went to Zone Conference. (these things take a lot of time away from your area).

3. At Zone Conference we got news that we would be doing this new thing where we go on like 3 day exchanges with the sisters. 3 DAYS. Do you know how long that is in missionary week time? So we are doing that this week. We are actually going to work in trios. I'm going to Owego to work with the sisters there and Sister Glenn will be going to Ithaca to work with the sisters there. So it's going to be probably the most crazy, fun and stressful week to date. This transfer is nuts and that's all I have to say.

Now lets talk about the miracles of the week.

Tender Mercy #1.

Last Monday, we were literally going to have 0 time to proselyte. We had a dinner appointment and then we had to go spend the night with some sisters in Horseheads. So we were feeling kind of bummed. We prayed that within our limited time, we would still be able to do some missionary work.

Well we stroll into our dinner appointment and their son had his girlfriend there. So the member is like "hey! I was thinking for your spiritual thought tonight you could practice teaching us the restoration *wink wink*" We are just like... "ok". So we start to teach it and this poor girl has no idea what's just hit her. Apparently they did not mention to her who missionaries are and that they were coming over for dinner. Oh man it was rough. So we finish our message and then we are going to go have dinner and this girl straight up sprints out the front door. Sister Glenn and I look at each other and are just like *facepalm*. Well after some prodding from his father, the kid went out to go bring his girlfriend back. We then had a nice dinner and she apologized for running out. It was too awkward.

Luckily, the story doesn't end there. (Although we were pretty sure it would).  On Sunday, we see this member family rolling into church and who should be with them, but the son's girlfriend! #sistersaywhat. Anyway she came up to us at church and was like, "Hey sisters! I'm sorry I bolted the other day! I didn't know what was going on and I felt super awkward. But I talked it over and I've decided that I actually want to give this all a chance and learn about it!" Ok, hello, thank you tender mercies of the Lord! So now we are going to officially start teaching her! This sweet little chica even volunteered to come out teaching with us once she understood what we were talking about! SO GOOD.

Tender Mercy #2.

Also on Monday, after leaving the super awkward meal appointment, we realized that we were actually 8 minutes early! So we had a baby bit of time to do some work. Well we are driving down the highway, and there is this cute little ice cream shop right off the highway that we had been wanting to go to for forever, but never had a chance. So I think to myself,  "ah. we should go get ice cream!" but then I think... "hmmmm... yeah that's probably not the very best idea." So I with held my thought. Right then Sister Glenn goes "Hey! Do you want to get ice cream at that place?" So naturally I gave in.

Well it turned out to be a drive though ice cream shop #newyork. So we ordered our picks and then we are just chillin. Then the lady working the window goes, "Where are you guys from? I see you have those name tags!" *money question* So then we start telling her about missions and all that good stuff. Then we gave her our card to pay for the ice cream, but she wouldn't take it. She said "This one's on us for all you guys do!" Then she told us that she went to a church called the "Christian Missionary Church" We were able to talk to her a bit about the church and give her a card with our number on it.

As we drove away we were just so amazed by how much our Heavenly Father loves us! Not only did he answer our prayers to be able to do missionary work, but the prompting involved free ice cream! BEST ANSWER TO PRAYERS EVER.

Tender Mercy #3.
Remember how praying for specific things is like, crazy awesome? Yeah! So this week on one of the days Sister Glenn and I were praying that we would be able to set someone with a specific baptism date. We had a couple of lessons set up so we were just praying it would happen. Well all our lessons went through and nothing nothing nothing. We only had one left. We went in and they were feeling pretty iffy about baptism. We had planned to talk about the Plan of Salvation, but as we were saying the opening prayer, I received a prompting that we should talk about "CPR" (church, pray, read) and so we did. At the end of the lesson we had set them with all of these awesome goals, and then Sister Glenn invited them to be baptized on a specific date,  (something they have always dodged). AND THEY AGREED.

Tender mercy. Answer to prayers.

Then as we were leaving their house, right before I closed the door, I heard her say, "I just think those girls are so sweet." My heart was then too happy.

AND FINALLY.... one cool insight.

This week at Zone conference during the testimony meeting, one of the elders got up and bore his testimony about the story in the New Testament when Peter is walking on the water. He said that he recently realized how he had always misunderstood the story. We always think of it that Peter jumps out of the boat and starts to walk on the water, then he sees the huge crazy waves and starts to doubt that he can stay on top of it all, it is then, in his doubt, that he sinks. Then Christ reaches out and pulls him up and says, "Oh ye of little faith. Wherefore didst thou doubt?"

But here's what the elder pointed out that I thought was pretty applicable to my life. He said that the way it's worded, we can tell that Peter started to sink, AND THEN he doubted. He then said, "I like to add a couple of words onto Christ's response. I like to think what He really said was 'Oh ye of little faith. Wherefore didst thou doubt that I could save thee?' " Peter was going to start to sink, no matter how much faith he had. He was mortal, and it was part of his life that he would sink. But where Peter lacked faith was in the promise that Christ would save him. I think of that in terms of our own lives. We are not meant to always be walking on water. When we agreed to come here, we knew that it meant from time to time the storms would come and we would start to sink. But Christ's promise to Peter is the same promise he gives to us. He will always save us. He will always reach down and pull us back on top of the water. We never need to doubt that Christ is walking near us, that He is always watching, and His arm is always reaching out.

Well that was the week of one sister missionary in Corning, NY. Oh wait let me tell you a funny quote or two...

"The roof is not my child, but I will raise it!" -Member

"But wait! I was always told that you weren't to beat no children!" -Less-active member during Gospel Principals class...

Alright. We'll talk again after another crazy week.

Sister Langford

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