Monday, July 28, 2014

"Sister Reunion, unhappy ending?, & transformation Sunday!!"


Hello friends.

The weeks keep flying and I seriously don't even know what to do about it. I honestly can barely remember what happened this week. We probably taught some people and then drove somewhere or something... ok let me think about it....

Ok, I remember. Let's chat.

1. We had the all-sisters conference this week and that was a blast! I remember last year when I went to this same event and I was just like "meh... I don't know ANYONE." and this time I was like "Oh my goodness I know everyone and have pretty much been on an exchange with like every sister in the mission!" So it was good fun. I got to see all my friends and talk about sister things. I got to train with my home girl Sister Fiefia which was a joy. All in all it was a super awesome day. We finished the meeting by letting go a ton of balloons in the church parking lot. Did we kill a couple of deer? maybe. But the Tangled effect was pretty bomb. You gotta love all-sisters conferences.

2. Then we came home and got back to the usual missionary work. Let me tell you though, we had some super sweet miracles. We went and taught our investigator, B, who we hadn't seen in about a week (Which for us is a long time). Last time we saw her we committed her to watch the full length Joseph Smith movie on mormonchannel and hurray she did! It was so funny. She was like "yeah I liked the movie... but why didn't you tell me it was going to be so depressing! Where is the happy ending? I thought he would live until he was like 80 and everything would work out... be he was killed! Come on sisters!" It was pretty much hilarious. But then we started talking about Joseph Smith and everything he went through and she was like, "Yeah, there's no way some farm boy from New York could write this book. There's no way he would do what he did if he wasn't a prophet." IT WAS SO GOOD. This was like a huge step for her and we were so so excited. Anyway, its the small miracles :)

3. On Saturday we had a true tender mercy from the Lord. We had prayed that people would be put into our path who were willing and ready to act on our message. Well, as the day progressed, nothing spectacular had happened. We had a church tour set up with one of our investigators, but she never showed up :( So we were chillin' at the church, waiting to see if she would come, when all of a sudden this member family rolls in with their son's girlfriend (remember the girl who literally ran out of the house when we tried to teach her?) yeah her. Her name is M. She, M, just sits right down next to us on the couch and is like, "So, do you guys want to teach me a lesson?" ummmmmmm...... hello yes. So we went into a room and taught M the restoration and it was super sweet. Then on Sunday she came to church and just fit right in. It was amazing. So basically I have learned that if something doesn't work out, it's because Heavenly Father has something better in mind.

4. OK THIS IS THE BEST STORY. So if you choose to skim the rest of this blog, at least read this part. So who remember's JF? He's our investigator. He is this old guy with a huge white beard and long hair that goes to the middle of his back and he pretty much only wears wife beaters. He's the best. So he has been doing so so great, reading the Book of Mormon, he's done a church tour, all that good stuff. When we went to teach him on Saturday he assured us that he would be at church on Sunday and that he had a surprise for us. Well Sunday morning comes, and he is nowhere to be seen. We go and find the member who was supposed to give him a ride and he's like "oh I couldn't find his house!" *facepalm* So ten minutes before church starts we zoom to Riverside (which is like a 7 minute drive) to show the member where Jim lives. I'm not gonna lie, we were kind of ticked. But as we rolled up to Jim's house, there he was, standing outside ready to go, hair cut short, no beard and wearing a shirt and tie. OH MY GOODNESS it was life changing! I wish I had a before and after picture because it was so amazing. But he had the best time at church and made so many friends. The first thing he said to us at the end was "Well, I'm comin' back!" It was too great. Blessings from heaven :)

The laugh's...

"I think you guys are like ninja's!" -little investigator kid

"Whatever they aren't ninja's! Have you seen them play volleyball?" - His dad.

"Hey Sister Langford! You look like this Asian girl in the conference ensign. I call her Lasiangford." -Elder

Well guys, that's my news from the week. This weekend we have MLC again and I think some exciting announcements could be made... I'll let you know next week! We also find out if we get transferred this week.  (I can't believe it's that time again!) So I will keep you all posted on that one too. Thanks for all :)

Sister Langford

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