Monday, July 28, 2014

"3 Day Super Exchange, goal Reached, & The Lord always has a purpose!"

Hello my friends.

Oh my goodness gracious. This week has been another crazy crazy run around with your head cut off week. But hey, its better than being bored riiiiiight? So let's get to talking.

The first and biggest news is....


Oh man those were three very blessed and fun days. I got to spend them in Owego (the land I love) with Sisters Ashcraft and Collins. I can't remember if I said this last week, but the purpose of these crazy exchanges was to help the sisters catch the vision of what's possible and especially show them how they can teach more and how they can teach better. So naturally, going into these exchanges, we were pretty stressed. I was just thinking "How can I even inspire these sisters and help them catch the vision?" I was feeling pretty inadequate to say the least. I just prayed that my efforts (no matter how weak they were) would be enough.

Well through out the course of these three days, I met some people that I absolutely adore and KNOW there was a reason I met them, and we had some super stellar experiences. I will tell you about just one...

So on one of the days we went out with this recently returning less-active girl named K. Well we decided that rather than try and knock on doors with four people we would split up and go two and two. Sister Ashcraft and I went together to go knock on some doors. Well we were knocking and knocking... and we were not having any success. And I'm thinking in my head "ah man! I'm supposed to be here to inspire her... and nothing is happening!" so we stop and I say "Hey can we say a prayer? I just don't know if we are in the right place right now." She agreed, so we prayed that we would be led to the right place so that we could find a new investigator. Right then Sister Ashcraft was like "come on, lets walk this way." So we did. We are walking and walking and then we see this old lady up on the top of this massive hill. We just looked at each other, and then started trekking up the hill. We got to the top and started talking to her, but she said she couldn't talk then, so we set up a return appointment. The day that I got home from the three day exchange they texted me and told me that they had gone back and taught her and that they picked her up as an investigator! PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED!

We had also been praying the whole exchange that they would be able to teach 20 lessons this week. It was a pretty big prayer, since they had been no where near that before. Last night they texted us as said "Hey sisters! Guess who just taught there 20th lesson this week!?" SO BLESSED. I just know that Heavenly Father made the efforts that I could give enough. Not only was I able to inspire those sisters, but they truly inspired me and had such a great effect on my mission. Such a blessing to be able to go on that exchange.

Now back to Corning...

1. We had a VERY eventful lesson with Vanessa this week. Before the lesson we were feeling kind of like we might have to drop her. She had printed off this whole sermon trying to prove us wrong, and I was just kind of like "Come on!" But we went in with a humble attitude that we would listen to what she had to say. She started to talk and was having a hard time getting it all out. We started to get into a huge discussion about the apostasy and all that good stuff, and then the spirit just filled my mouth and I said "But, WHAT IF what we are saying is true? Because I feel like you are just trying to prove us wrong, and as long as you have that attitude, you will never know." Oh man it was intense, but strangely enough, I think it was EXACTLY what she needed to hear. Just before we left she told us that she would read the book of Mormon and pray with a more open mind. We told her that in order to find out, she would have to be willing to take at least a few steps straight into the dark. It was powerful guys. I think there are good things to come here as she begins to take some steps into the dark.

2. An investigator CAME TO CHURCH. Oh man. It was so good to have a new investigator at church I can't even tell you! #blessed.

3. So this is my final story. We went to go teach The M's, but they weren't home. We were kind of like, ah man! We were banking on this lesson. So then we didn't really know what to do. So we said a prayer and then opened up our planner to see if we had any good back ups planned. We looked and both of us were like "Let's go see L."  So we went to L's house (She is a potential investigator) and knocked on her door. She came out as well as her son and his girl friend and we taught them a very powerful restoration. When we arrived she was really frazzled because her dad had passed away just a few weeks earlier. By the end of the lesson she stood up and said "I feel so much more peaceful. I know I needed to see you two!" It was such a blessing. I know that Heavenly Father has a purpose in EVERYTHING. When things don't go the way we planned, its simply because He has something better in store.

and one giggle...

"They do have... for lack of a better word, souls!' -District Leader

"hahahaha its so funny because we mostly only teach gingers!" - His companion.

Well, another crazy week coming up! We head to Utica again today. I hope the craziness never ends!

Sister Langford

PS. Just want to say a quick shout out to my family. I feel so blessed that they were watched over and protected. I know the Lord truly sent angels to be by their side.

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