Monday, August 25, 2014

"Horse racing & crazy hats, prayers answered, rear ended for a purpose?, baptisms coming, & Press Forward in Opposition!"


Another week has come and past. Another Monday here for me to ramble for a little while and try to rack my brain to remember every cool and interesting thing that has happened in these 7 days... and all I can remember is the time that we went out for a run in the morning and saw a lady asleep on the stairs with a bowl of chicken. #newyorkprobs

Ok I lied, I do remember a little bit more.

The randoms...

1. Currently in Saratoga there is this thing going on called "track season". Basically it just means that EVERYONE in the world is here to watch some horses race. I don't get it. This week was a very special event called "Travers" apparently it's a big deal. Don't ask me why. But, on the day of Travers we did enjoy ourselves by running past the track and seeing a bunch of fancy people and horses. Also, everyone was wearing fancy, dramatic hats. Welcome to Saratoga.

2. We got rear-ended this week (more to follow on this story).

3. This week begins our 3 day exchange. Should be exciting.

The work...

1. Remember how I am a firm believer in praying for specific things? Well recently we have been praying that we would be able to teach a member's friend. This week a member approached us and was like, "Hey sisters! We are having you over for dinner this week... and also there will be an investigator there for you." We were both just like.... I'm sorry what? This is what a real referral is like?

So we went to the dinner and this girl is incredibly prepared. She is 17 and best friends with the member's daughter. We invited her to be baptized on the first lesson and she said "yes!" Then when we asked her why she said, "Because I want this to be a part of my life forever and I want to be married in the temple." SO GOOD. Then when we asked her when she said, "Well, I was thinking before school started because I wanted to be able to be a part of seminary, but then they told me I could be in seminary without being a member, so I'm not sure." We pretty much died out of joy. Also, she is planning to go to BYU next year. So great. Seriously though, prayer works.

2. Glenn is getting baptized this week! HURRAY! He has made a lot of progress just in the short time I have been here. He seems committed and is inviting a bunch of people, so we are very excited for his baptism this weekend :)

3. Ok remember how I said that we were rear ended? So here is the story that accompanies this event. We were stopped at a stop light, going to see an investigator, when all of a sudden we got hit. It was like, the baby-est hit in the world, and the damage was so so minor. But, because it was a mission car we had to get out and talk to the guy and get all the info and blah blah blah. So all this ended up taking about a half hour.

When that was all done it hit us, that that must have happened for a reason! But what was the reason? Were we supposed to meet the guy who hit our car? Were we NOT supposed to be where we were going at the time we would have gotten there, so Heavenly Father delayed us? OR were we supposed to be where we were going later?

We weren't sure.

So we continued on our path, praying that Heavenly Father would guide us. Well we got to the investigator's home, and no one was there. So we tried their neighbor, and nothing. So we got in the car to drive somewhere else, and all of a sudden the thought came to my brain, "go back". But I thought, go back where? Then the thought came "go back, and I will guide you." So we flipped around and just started driving, not really knowing where we were headed. Finally we ended up at these apartments that we had tried tracting a few days earlier, with no success and not the happiest feelings. But there we were. We prayed again, and we both felt really strongly that we were supposed to go to this apartment. We went there, and no one answered. So we knocked again. And still no one. So we were really confused. We left and knocked all the apartments around, and no one was interested. So why were we there? Why had this series of random events happened that led us back to this apartment complex that frankly, we never wanted to come back to.

My answer is, I still don't know. We had to leave after that to make it to a dinner appointment. But here's what I do know, when Heavenly Father prompts us, we follow. Sometimes the reason is really obvious. Other times, we have no idea why we are doing or saying the things that He advises us to do, but we do them. And sometime down the path, a miracle happens.

4. In other news, Heavenly Father has shown us so so so many tender mercies. We had a lot of finding time this week, and each time it would go something like this,

knock on a bunch of doors

everyone is grumpy haters.

we feel kind of bummed.

Then I say, "We gotta keep going, because whenever there are a bunch of haters that means that someone great is just around the corner!"

next door we knock,

new investigator.

So press forward in opposition. That's what I've learned.

5. Also, we set Kieran with a baptism date! He is doing so great. We've only been teaching him and Ashley for like 2 weeks, and he has already read in the Book of Mormon all the way to Jacob! So good.

Anyway, that's all for this week. Just know that we are blessed and happy here in Saratoga. There are definitely many good things to come.

Sister Langford

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