Monday, July 1, 2013

Momon Cliches, Trees, Cows, and Teaching with the Spirit!!

Holla for missionaries!
So this week has been a roller coaster. I swear, every minute on a mission has like a thousand ups and downs. But, lets talk about the ups right?
So we found and taught quite a few new people. I think my best experience this week was teaching this great investigator . Ugh, I just love her. She is so smart and she is just searching! So she had us over and we talked to her for a really long time! She just asks so many questions and goes off on a lot of tangents. But anyway, as we were teaching her, the spirit was so strong and we started teaching her about faith and repentance and baptism, which we had kind of done before. But Sister Smith just looked at her and said "I just... have to ask you a question. Will you be baptized?" and she just sort of looked stunned. She was like "Well I know you girls would only ask if you really meant it, but no I don't think I want to." So then we asked some questions about why she felt that way, and we were able to address her concerns. Then Sister Smith and I both bore powerful testimonies of the importance of baptism and the blessing of having the Holy Ghost. But she was still not sure. She was really concerned about not knowing the Book of Mormon is true and things like that. So then I told her about how I gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon, how she can too, and then I really bore my soul to her about the Book of Mormon. It was one of those moments where I didn't know what I was going to say, but the Holy Ghost just filled my mouth and she started crying too! It was crazy powerful! When we left, she still hadn't committed to baptism, but you could see a change. She is just so on the right path. I know she  can do it!
Also this week I went on my first exchange! Since Sister Smith is a sister training leader (so basically I am too), I was in charge of training the other Sister (who has also been out like 2 weeks), and being in charge of our area. Needless to say, I was terrified, and basically not excited at all. But I did it. I took charge! It ended up being really great! I really learned how much I can do! Its true what they say "God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called!" It was such a growing experience for me! It really taught me to, (Mormon cliches comin' up), "Come what may and love it", "Try a little harder to be a little better" and "Forget myself and go to work!"
We also really experienced the joys of farm life! Haha these one investigators have horses that just roam all over their property! So we went up to their porch and there were two horses just hanging out by their porch! What? So naturally we took some sweet pics! We also stopped and petted some baby cows and took a nice picture with them. I guess what I always said about upstate New York is true. It really is just trees and cows.
Well team, that's all for now! Hang in there! Thanks for all the support.
Sister Langford

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