Saturday, July 27, 2013

Six on Sunday and Loving Being a Missionary!!

So hey,
Well its official, I've finished one transfer on the mission!  Six weeks in the misison field complete. And good news, Sister Smith and I are staying in Cooperstown!  Holla.
This week was pretty much the greatest. We saw so many blessings this week. So do you want to hear about them, Mmmmm Okay.

1. Grandma Dorothy is sooo ready for baptism. We went over the interview questions and she totally aced them! Now we just wait two weeks! She will be the greatest member EVER!
2. Another amazing lesson with a woman and her son.  This boy, who is 14 is probably the cutest. He asked us "When can I be baptized? Today? We have a swimming pool out back!" to which I just died laughing. They are great and we are so blessed to have found them!
3. A creepy hippy man told me I had "deep eyes, like the virgin Mary" and that he could 'Learn more from staring into my eyes for ten minutes then listening to me talk." It was pretty uncomfortable. I have come to the conclusion that people in New York are weeeird. But you know, thats why I love them.
4. We got to contact some of our potentials that we have been trying to see for FOREVER!  Such  a blessing.
5. I sweated so much that I probably lost 10 pounds.
6. We helped out at a random bible camp and the women really liked us! Thank heavens!  They  invited us to this concert we couldn't go to, and they are taking us to lunch on Tuesday! Its really nice when these things happen.
7. This is the biggest one. are you ready? We had SIX INVESTIGATORS AT CHURCH YESTERDAY!  SIX!  Not to mention 3 others who are kind of our investigators as well (except the Elders stole them from us).  This is the biggest blessing ever. In the past we had none, except Grandma Dorothy, but yesterday we had SIX! They all had such great times! The greatest was in Sunday School. One of our investigators,  there, we had just taught her the Plan of Salvation a few days before. In class they asked if someone could explain the Plan and she got up and did it!  Not to mention she answered all these questions, ah!  It was heaven!  I could have cried for joy when they all came to church. They're all getting baptized. I know it.
8. I get to stay in Cooperstown with Sister Smith. So so grateful that I didn't get transferred!  I'm not ready to leave!
9. I really learned how important it is to act upon our faith. We had a man tell us that he didn't believe that faith needed works. I was so confused how anyone could believe that. The truth of the matter is, If we truly understand Christ, if we believe in what he taught, there is no reason we shouldn't be trying to act in a Christ-like manner. Following Christ is an action. It's  not something we can sit idly by and expect to happen. It takes constant work. Work, work,  work. That's our motto here in the New York Utica Mission!
That is all.
Thanks for all the support and prayers!  Missionary work is a rollercoaster, but it really is the best. Being a missionary is the most important thing we can do!  It is our calling as members of the church to share his restored gospel. Always share it!
I love you all!
Sister Langford

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