Hello Peeps!
It has been quite the week in New York! Let me tell ya, we started out July right! I feel like I have just been getting more and more into the missionary mode. It's hard work, but it  builds character. That has been my motto for this week. Let me explain.
So first, we experienced the greatest miracle! We have been teaching a woman who we call "Grandma Dorothy". Grandma Dorothy is 89 years old and her daughter and her husband who she lives with are like some of the greatest members in our branch. But, Grandma Dorothy is not a member. Like, her entire family is, but she has always said no. He daughter had finally given up on her. But one day we asked Grandma Dorothy if she would be willing to take the missionary lessons. She said "I guess... as long as no one makes me get baptized!"  Haha little did she know the spirit would make her get baptized!  So we taught her a few times and this week we were teaching her the plan of salvation. We explained all the different kingdoms and asked her where she wanted to go. She said "Well the Celestial I suppose."  Then we asked her "So what do you have to do to get there?" and she said "Well, I've been thinking I should get baptized!" Sister Smith and I just died. We were like... ya! So we have set a date for her! I HAVE A BAPTISM!
Yay! Haha Last night we taught her Word of Wisdom and threw away all her coffee! We are so excited for her.
Now here's where the hard work comes in.
This weekend we had a really great service opportunity. There has been some serious flooding here in Herkimer. Tons of damage. So all the missionaries in my zone got to be part of the Mormon Helping Hands! I shoveled mud for two days straight. 8 hours a day. It was how you say... exhausting. The worst moment was when we were helping this one family move all of their stuff out of their basement. It was all completely covered in muck and I swear they were hoarders. They had SO MUCH STUFF. But anyway, we were carrying it out and a man handed me a box and said "this one should be covered in JUST mud" and I was like........ I'm sorry what? Are you implying that these boxes have been covered in things other than mud. Needless to say, I have never been so disgusting and tired in my life! But it was really great to help. You could tell the people really needed it! We actually get to go help again this week! Hello muscles! So... the work was really hard. and hot. but... it builds character right?
So that was the week! Thanks for all the support! Love you all!
Sister Langford