Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Follow Promptings, Crocheting quotes, & SAW MY SHADOW SO 6 MORE WEEKS OF COOPERSTOWN!!!

 Hello hello!
So the blog is coming at you on Tuesday today. Who knew that Columbus Day was a big enough deal to shut down all the Libraries? I didn't. So Tuesday email it is.
Well I'm sure you are all on the edge of your seat to find out if I have been transferred/where I'm going. Well here's the news...
That's right. After this transfer I will have been in Cooperstown for six months. Hello 1/3 of my mission in Cooperstown. I can't say I wasn't a bit surprised but I'm staying. I was talking to my mission president on Saturday and I was like...
"So pres, six months in Cooperstown huh?" 
and he said "Sister Langford, six months isn't long at all. The prophet has said to keep missionaries in an area for as long as a year!" 
So basically I'm going to die in Cooperstown.
But it’s ok. Sister Hansen and I are excited to take on this transfer. I'm actually kind of grateful to stay so I can see all of these wonderful investigators progress and keep things going! I guess President thinks I am doing a much better job with Cooperstownl... because I am never going to leave. Haha!
Anyway... this was a pretty eventful week. Let me tell you some of the things...
The Randoms:
1. I held a kitten. It was adorable and named katie.
2. We went to the "mall" . It was kind of painful to see clothes, hear music and smell popcorn and be like, "Hey, I'm a missionary!"
3. We still love crocheting. Here's so quotes said while we crochet...
"Dude, my thread is totally off the hook"
"Ah, the silence of crocheting!"
"Ok, but for the next 3 minutes, lets just crochet!"
The Spiritual Blessings:
1. So update on Trish and the boys. They are just doing so so so so so great! Oh my goodness it makes me want to cry! Before their baptism we challenged them to pay attention to how they felt when they received the Holy Ghost. Trish couldn't be at one of our meetings this week, but she called us to tell us how she felt!
 She said "It felt amazing. When I was baptized I felt really happy. But once I got the Holy Ghost it was so comforting. Like I could feel that everything in the past, all of my sins, were totally gone."
It made me want to cry! She is such an amazing disciple.
One of the boys, Jamison, who is eight said, "I felt happy. Like it poofed my mind!"
We died laughing at that one. They are the greatest EVER! Then later this week we taught them about temples are they are so excited to go and do baptisms and Trish is excited to be sealed in the temple. She was even like, 'Ray you have to be baptized so we can be married forever!"
2. Another message on following promptings. So this week we were going to contact a referral. We were driving and we passed this house. A tiny thought in my head said, "Maybe you should try that.... nah" so we went to the referral, but he wasn't home. So we tried back a couple days later. Driving past, and I had the same thought, "Maybe you should try that house", but again I brushed it off and we kept going. The referral was not the least bit interested. So we turned around and were going back. Well the third time we passed the house I noticed, I thought about trying it again and I was like, “ok.”  So we did a quick flip around and went to knock on the door. Well this sweet young woman with a baby answered the door. We said, "Would you like to hear a message about Christ?" and she said, "Sure!" (like what? This never happens!) So we taught her the restoration and she was like, "Yes I would love to learn more about this!" SINGLE MOST PREPARED PERSON! What if I hadn't knocked on that door. Follow promptings people. Its soooo worth it.
The Story:
Oh my do I have a story for you all this week. So Saturday and Sunday we had stake conference in Utica. We were encouraged to get rides with members to save miles. Well, on Sunday Sister Hansen and I were supposed to sing with the choir, so we were supposed to be 45 minutes early on Saturday to practice. Confusing...
Well, our ride was running late Saturday, so we totally missed the practice. We got a lot of sass from the Elders, but it was fine and we were still going to sing.
Sunday morning around 8:30 am we are sitting outside our apartment, waiting for our ride. Well they were running late too but we were going to make it ok. We were 20 minutess from Utica, when their car COMPLETELY BREAKS DOWN. Ummmm...
So I'm like, "Sister Hansen, we should probably text the Elders and let them know we won’t make it to sing." Oh good news, we lost our phone.
So there we are. Stranded on the side of the road. No phone. really cold. Oh man, it was quite the situation. But all Sister Hansen and I could do was laugh! It took me back to the talk by Joseph B. Wirthlin called "Come What May and Love it" Part of it he talks about learning to laugh when things don't go as planned. We could have easily been frustrated that we were missing singing, that we lost our phone, that we were stranded, and that we were cold... but we just rolled with it!
Thank heavens somehow another branch member got word that we were stuck and came and got us. We caught the last 30 minutes of Stake Conference. AND even bigger tender mercy, when we arrived back in Cooperstown at like 5:30 at night our phone was still on the steps outside our apartment. Such a blessing from the Lord.
Well, that was the week. Haha! Here's for six more crazy Cooperstown weeks.
Sister Langford

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