Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"Seventy on Monday, 50 People a day, & Baking with Grandma Dorothy!"

Hello hello!
Ah! This was a goood week! But here is the bad news, winter is setting in. I even busted out my huge puffy coat and hat. It was weird.... ugh New York winters are not to be enjoyed I can tell you that much! But, it's all good, because people are more willing to let us into their houses! Yay!
Ok, so here's the news from the week...
1. Remember how a general authority was coming on Monday to speak to us? Well he came. It ended up being Bruce R. Porter of the Seventy. He gave a really great talk about the gospel of Christ. Very motivating. At the end of the meeting, he said he would like to interview a couple of missionaries. He started reading some names (all elders) then he ended with "and Sister Langford" I was like.... "um what?" So I was pretty nervous! But it went well and it was so cool to get to chat with a general authority!
2. At the beginning of this week we were feeling a little bit... blah. Like, how can we get anything going in the area? Why are things being so hard? Just along those lines. So we decided to have a special fast for our area. That morning, I stumbled up this quote by Jeffrey R. Holland,
" After considering all that missionaries go through and all that the prophets have gone through, all that the apostles go through, the lives that have been given, the blood that's been shed - I have come to this conclusion - salvation is not an easy experience. It was never meant to be easy and it never has been easy.... it was not easy or painless for the Son of God Himself, of whom you are to testify. And if I am going to be his missionary, if I am going to declare his truth and His church, I cannot ask to avoid completely the pain that He felt, or the tears that He shed, or the sorrow He saw."
I realized that it wouldn't be easy, but we could do it. So we worked. That day was so great! We made a lofty goal to talk with 50 people a day! So far it's going good and we have found some amazing potentials and been given some truly inspired ideas for how to find people! I know the Lord is looking out for us and good things are to come...
3. Like being GIVEN the coolest investigator EVER! His name is Deacon and he just moved here from Arizona. He has already been taught everything and is 100% ready for baptism. But his story is AMAZING! Wanna hear an abbreviated version of it? Ok cool.
So around 12 years ago, Deacon was sentenced to 11 years in prison. He was married and had two baby girls. He was in a really dark, lost and lonely place. He really did some soul searching and found God in his life.  Then, at the very end of his sentence, he became jail-mates with a guy who was Mormon. They had MANY discussions about the gospel. Finally Deacon read the Book of Mormon and KNEW it was true. He knew he had found what he was looking for! When he got out of prison, he got permission to be baptized!
So now he is in New York and his wife has said she is ok with him getting baptized! So we are teaching her as well!!  Such an amazing blessing! And such a powerful story!
4. Trish is doing amazing and LOVING her calling in the Young Womens! 
Ok, so now you probably want to hear about the crazy, funny things right?
1. During PEC our mission leader was reading our progress record and looked at Cody and Travis, and saw that we were wondering when Cody and Travis could get the priesthood. But instead he just said...
" So, the sisters are wondering when they can get the priesthood?"
oh man. too good.
2.  "I'm not going to change. I've been in New York too long" - Elder
3. "All I want is for this purple hamster to turn into a scarf!" - Sister Hansen
4. *guy trying to ask us on a date*
"So are you ladies, like, married to Jesus or what?"
5. *Elders trying to think of creative finding ideas*
" number one, invite people over for a hammock party. number two, ask the sisters for ideas"
6. We were talking to this guy who was from some random Arab country and he said "I will pay for you ladies to come to my country"
...... um.....
It was a funny week :) We also found a cat named Nigel, helped Grandma Dorothy bake like A THOUSAND treats, and so much more! haha
Well, good things to come in Cooperstown, I can promise that much!
Sister Langford

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