Monday, October 21, 2013

Great Halloween Decor and "darn that free agency!"

 Hey kids.

This week was a so-so kind of week. Good things are happening but no way cool miracle stories. But hey, keep reading because I promise this will still be good :)


1. Trish and her family are still just doing incredible. I always just feel like I'm on cloud nine when we leave their home. This Sunday Trish was given a calling to serve in the Young Women's. She's excited! It will definitely be a good way to help her feel more involved with the branch! Cody, the oldest of the boys, had a really good missionary experience this week. He said in his history class they were defining the word "missionary". His teacher said that he didn't think religions really had missionaries any more. Cody raised his hand and was like "um... no. The Mormon's have missionaries!" and his teacher said "How do you know that?" and Cody said "Because I'm a Mormon!" in front of his whole class! :D I LOVE THE HOPKINS!

2. Our other investigators are progressing like champs. They even text us and make sure we are going to come over and visit them! Its soooo great! They came to church yesterday and are VERY excited for their upcoming (in December) baptism. It's very happy.

3. This was one of those "knock on a thousand doors" kind of weeks. Its crazy how often people can recognize that there is something good and different about our church, yet still won't change! like.... what? This one guy was going off forever about how incredible it was that our church was growing, when almost every other christian church was withering away. We were like, ya, because this is Christ's true church. Hello!! But he still didn't want to change. Curse people and their agency.

4. Last night we met a really nice lady. We sat down with her and taught her the whole restoration. She was a little skeptical about how their could be ONE true church. We kept trying to explain Joseph Smith and the priesthood and all that. Finally she goes, "Well, if you are going to tell me this, you are going to have to have proof!" So I said "Well, what would you say if I told you we had proof. Proof that you can hold in your hands, read, ponder, and KNOW what we are saying is true?" She just looked stunned. Like, she didn't honestly expect us to have proof. So she just stared at us. *we pull out a Book of Mormon* I said "This is the Book of Mormon. This is the proof. If you want to know if Joseph Smith is a prophet and if there really is one fully true church, then read this book, and pray about it." Well the spirit was "knock your socks off" strong. Yet she still wouldn't take a Book of Mormon. We were like, WHAT?!? Just take the dang book. So as we left, we snuck back and left a Book of Mormon on her door step. Here's praying something good comes from this seed :)


Ok, this week SO MANY funny things happened. I don't know why, but the humor was just rolling this week.

1. *as we are leaving Viktoria and Ian's*

Viktoria- "You guys are like the White Rabbit. You are always late for a very important date."

2. As one of our service activities we help bring people to a prayer circle at the old folks home. So for like 45 minutes we basically walk around and try and get old people to go and pray. While we were doing that this week, Sister Hansen said...

"All we do is try and get people to do things they don't want to do. Its exhausting!"

3. The Halloween decor out here is off the hook. People just make all of these extravagent... and terrifying yard displays. For example, we stumbled upon a Zombie apocolypse. It was pretty rad. and also hilarious. Ah, New York...

4. *As we are walking into the old folks home*

Old man- "Hey, you ladies dropped something"
*us really confused trying to figure out what we dropped*
Me- "Us? What did we drop?"
Old man *laughing really hard* "Your footprints!"

...some people can be kind of weird.

And that's  pretty much it. Like I said, not the most exciting week. But we keep going. Cooperstown must still need me here. :)

Sister Langford

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