Monday, November 18, 2013

" Not coincidental, puppies & cocoa, Mr. Clean & the Plan of Salvation & Patience in our trials."

Hey everyone.
So another week has come and gone. Did I not write this blog like, yesterday? Anyway, this week happened. There were some ups and quite a few downs, but we keep the faith. Keep going as always.
So lets talk about the ups...
1. We did have a really cool experience this week. So we were going to find a less-active who lives in the Elder's area, but the Elders have been sick and couldn't visit her. Well, it was really crucial that we visited her that day, but she wouldn't answer her phone... so we had to go by the random drop by tactic. Well we were on our way, and our GPS took us a really weird way to get there. All of a sudden I had a strong feeling that we needed to stop at this house, and knock on the door 3 times. Well we go to the house (which looks minorly abandoned) and knock.... once..... twice...... three times...... no one comes. So we get back in the car and drive on. And I'm thinking, well why did we stop here? The house was clearly abandoned. No one was coming. We just wasted all that time for nothing. Well, right then we pulled in front of this Less-actives house. Literally one second later, she pulled up behind us and got out of her car. We jumped out of our car to talk with her. Well we had a good chat and set up and appointment. Just as we were leaving she said, "Wow, it's really lucky you stopped by right now. I was going to a doctor appt and had come back to grab my phone. You caught me in this 1 minute window!" That was pretty humbling. We may not always know WHY Heavenly Father inspires us to do things, most of the time we won't, but if we trust that the Lord has a plan for us, it will all turn out ok :)
2. So whenever our District Leaders call us at the end they say, "Is there anything we can do for you?" (remember how we got them to sing?) Well, recently we asked for "puppies, hot cocoa and chocolate chip cookies" just as a joke of course! Well they show up at District meeting with a box of hot cocoa, a bag of chocolate chip cookies and these little rubber puppies. It probably made my week.
3. Well, here's the news kids, we find out about transfers this week. Well I was sitting in the car with a member and all of a sudden I realized how much I am going to miss the people of Cooperstown when I leave. I mean, of course there have been struggles, but I truly realized how much I love the people here. Especially people like the Hopkins and Grandma Dorothy. So, its not like I'm saying I'm for sure getting transfered or anything, but when it eventually happens, I will be sad, but also comforted to know that I did my best to help them!
Some not-so-ups....
1. So... this week was hard. I sometimes feel like I don't know why more amazing things aren't happening. Sometimes I just feel like, "WHY DOES NO ONE CARE!" It can be rough when you work your hardest all week and only teach one lesson. ya. But throughout this week one thought has really stuck with me
"Its always darkest before the dawn."
Sometimes we think we can't do it anymore and its right then, that God lets us know what we can do! When looking at this week from a day to day perspective, it was rough. When looking at it from an eternal perspective, it was a chance to grow. A chance to develop more faith and patience.
Patience: The capacity to endure delay, trouble, opposition or suffering without becoming angry, frustrated, or anxious. To do God's will and accept His timing.
"....and they did submit cheerfully and with patience to all the will of the Lord" - Mosiah 24;15
"... We count them happy which endure..." - James 5:11
I do have faith that through Christ, we can be strengthened. No one said every day of this life was going to be amazingly, spectacularly easy. To quote Jeffrey R Holland "Welcome to the church. Welcome to the gospel. Welcome to the life of apostles and prophets. Welcome to the life of the Savior who knows quite a bit about cups from which one does not want to drink." I know that our situations may not always change and get easier, but WE can change ourselves. We can have more faith, patience, hope, and trust in the Lord. We can be happy not despite our trials, but because of them :)
Ok who is ready to laugh?
1. " Our most progressing investigator thinks he is a wizard!" - Elders
2. "Good news sister, today its a toasty 38 degrees!" - Sister Hansen
3.     *while teaching the Hopkins the Plan of Salvation*
        "But what about the people who are in Jail when Christ comes?" - Travis
         "Well Jesus isn't going to let them out!" - Jamison
        "So our bodies will be completely perfect!" - me
        "Like Mr. Clean perfect?" - Travis
4. "I think you are a rad missionary!" - Sister hansen
     " fat.... but rad." - me
So that was the week. Aaaah. We keep on keeping on! Have a blessed week :)
Mmmmmmm bye now.
Sister Langford


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