Monday, November 4, 2013

Loving/Hating Day Light Savings, Winter's Here, Missionary Pumpkins, & Baseball!!

 Well hello everyone.
If we are being completely honest, this week was kind of slow. Not too many crazy exciting things happened... but fear not because I always have SOME story to tell right?
So here are the random goods...
1. I got to sleep in yesterday #daylightsavings. It was the best morning of my life. Like, can we have daylight savings everyday? Except here's the bad news with that, it gets dark here now at like, 5:00.... So that makes missionary work kind of rough. But we just keep trying to be creative with ways to find people at night!
2. There was straight up frost on our car yesterday. It's cold kids. Like scraping off ice, foggy breath, 2 pairs of tights, cold. I am already dreading winter.
3. After 5 months of living in the home of baseball, I was finally dragged to the Hall of Fame. It was cool I guess. Neither of us know anything about baseball so we were like... "Hey thats a cool cow that is dressed like a yankee's fan." But hey, it mixed up the daily routine so I'm not complaining.
4. Halloween was cool. Basically we went to the hospital to visit one of the elders who had to get surgery.   Then we baked with Grandma Dorothy and then we longingly watched the Halloween parade from our window and carved baby sized pumpkins to look like a missionary. Ah, holidays as a missionary are rad.
 Ok. now for the missionary stuff...
1. Ok I don't know what this wasn't the very first thing I wrote about buuut..... one of our investigators QUIT SMOKING! ok... not totally officially. But we were told us that he hasn't bought any new cigarettes and that he feels weird everytime he smokes now! YES. Miracles do happen.
2. So we were bopping around Cooperstown, trying to think of someone we could talk to that we haven't already harrassed 1000 times. We were knocking on this door and I thought, "Hey what about that red house?" We hadn't tried the red house in a while and I couldn't rememer who lived there (because naturally I can tell you who lives everywhere in Cooperstown).  So there we go, knocking on the red house. The lady came to the door and I remembered that I had talked to her before (about sister wives.... ugh), and she said she still wasn't very interested. But then I felt like we should ask if there was anything we could help her with. She all of a sudden looked really shocked. Like, she didn't believe that we would just help her with something. So, kind of testing us, she goes, "Well, would you rake my leaves?" and we were like "YES!!!!" So, the leaves were raked. Then afterwards we got to chat with her for a while and at the end she said "Well, maybe I will join your church!" (kind of joking but hey!).  She said she wanted us to come back, and she referred us to a couple of her friends! it was the greatest!
3. We picked up a new investigator! So far our goal of picking up at least one investigator a week has been going swimmingly! This new investigator is the sweetest lady ever and she bakes wedding cakes. So... we get cake everytime we see her. Hey, I'm not complaining!
 And the jokesters....
1. Everytime the District Leaders get off the phone with us they ask "is there anything we can do for you?" So naturally we always ask for things (like doughnuts and puppies).  The other night we asked if they would sing to us... and they did. Too good. We were probably laughing our heads off.
2. Elder on drugs from his surgery... "No, seriously. You sisters are the"
3. Elder - "Think about all Christ did for you, and you can't even give the missionaries a freaking name!?"

....and an uplifting quote to keep ya'll on the straight and narrow...
"Unless you belong to a church that requires sacrifice of all that you possess, everything that you have and are, even at perhaps the cost of your life, unless you belong to such a church as that, that church could never build within you the faith that you need to obtain eternal life." - Joseph Smith.
 Mmmmmmm BYE NOW!
Sister Langford



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