Monday, November 11, 2013

Service Brings Blessings & Seek out the Mini-Miracles and Tender Mercies!!


Hello everyone! It was another crazy week in Cooperstown. (just kidding, it really wasn't very crazy at all). But, some really great things did happen, so you probably want to know about them.

But first can I just say that I need to have a chat with whoever decided all these random holidays should be placed on Mondays. And then who decided that all the libraries are closed. Like what's with that? Don't they know that missionaries need to email? cmon.

Ok but for real. Here are the Cool missionary joys:

1. Ok. So remember last week how we felt prompted to rake that ladies leaves and it led to good things? And remember how she was like "Hey! I may have a friend who could use some help too!" and remember how we thought that we would never hear from said friend? Wellllllll.... SHE CALLED US!  And get this, her husband is a former investigator. Like seriously, what are the odds? So we went over and helped her bake cookies, (sister service), and we got to talk with them quite a bit. Who knows what could come of it! We are going back this week to help her again! #blessings

2. I got to go on exchange again to HAMILTON! which was the greatest. We had some good times, taught some lessons and learned a ton! I'm always grateful to see new places and learn from other missionaries :)

3. Well, you were probably wondering about the Hopkins family. Haha! maybe not. But here are the amazing things that have been happening with them...

    - Trish is loving her calling, and has been talking to tons of people about being Mormon. Its great.

    - Our branch president gave Ray a calling in boy scouts even though he isn't a member! and better yet, RAY ACCEPTED!!

    - Cody tried to give a Book of Mormon to one of his teachers! How cool is that? The teacher gave it back to Cody, but hey, A for effort.

The Hopkins are the greatest :)

4. We had a really cool experience last night. We went over the the Bruneau's to eat, but we had a bit of extra time so we went over to see Grandma Dorothy (she hasn't been feeling very well).  So we read with her a chapter in the Book of Mormon, just right where she was reading. It ended up being the most perfect chapter on The Gospel of Jesus Christ. The spirit was so strong and you could just see and change in Grandma Dorothy when we were done. Its crazy how the Lord really does answer our prayers through the scriptures!

5. We also found a really cool potential named Jeff.

6. And we re-picked up a  family as investigators. We had been teaching them when I first came out but things got.... crazy! But we are back to teaching so hopefully good things to come! Its so cool how the Lord has been blessing us and helping us fulfill our goal of at least one new investigator a week! So far its happened every week!

Random events...

1. You guys. I'm not even kidding right now. IT SNOWED. like, stick to the ground, freeze your eyelashes, snowed. It was crazy. BOO FOR WINTER!

2. One day we were walking down main street trying to talk to people, and we see this really well-dressed guy. So we think, hey let's talk with him about the gospel. So we round up our courage and go 'hey!" and he says "Hey sisters! I'm a bishop in Rochester, want to go to lunch?" Haha! what? A lot of crazy little blessings :)

The Giggles....

1. "oh don't worry. The keys are in the purse, but not of the purse" - Sister McGregor (on exchange in Hamilton)

2. We were in the library and all of a sudden I see a guy wearing a University of Utah sweatshirt. And I was like, hey that's not normal in New York. So we went to say Hi! (assuming he is a member) So we say "Hello, are you from Utah?" and he's like "you could say that" then awkwardly walked away. Just goes to show you can't trust anyone who goes to the U! Haha!!

3. Ok, this was the funniest. Sister Hansen and I were standing on a door step waiting for the person to answer the door. In front of the door was two pairs of shoes. One was a pair of Adidas, the other Crocs. So Sister Hansen says "did you know that Adidas stands for 'all day I dream about shoes" and I'm like "did you know that 'Crocs' stands for 'completely repulsive, offensive crappy shoes" and then we busted up laughing. Of course RIGHT THEN the guy came to the door. Needless to say that wasn't our best door approach.

4. Things Elder's have said to us when they answer the phone...

    - "You sisters are liars and cheats"
    - "hey. what's the difference between Greek Yogurt and normal Yogurt?"
    - "Flaeg, flaeg flaeg. cepture all the flaegs" - sung in a Russian accent.

Anyway, that was the week. Nothing too mind blowing. But something that has really hit me this week is the idea that miracles can be small. I think a lot of the time I walk around thinking, "Ok, where's my miracle? Where is that crazy amazing experience?" And I don't see it, so I feel like we aren't succeeding. And then I remember the scripture that says "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass."  Miracles seriously happen to us EVERYDAY. We are so blessed. I think we need to focus more on the simple tender mercies of the Lord, and less on the huge "ammon-like" miracles.

Keep being great!


Sister Langford


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