Monday, December 16, 2013

"Weak Northerner Effort, Sister Sleepover Fun, Christmas Pageants, Christmas Blessings when we sacrifice for others."


Well hello there. 

This week was rather eventful so hang on to your seats. Are you ready for all the news? Ok good. 

The randoms:

1. YOU GUYS. It snowed a ton here. Literally one ton. Haha just kidding. But it happened over night. Saturday night we go to bed with some light flurries of snow fall, the next morning... BAM. we are spending 45 minutes shoveling our car out of our drive way. Plus I must say that I was disappointed by the North Country's weak effort at braving the snow. Only 25 people came to church (and keep in mind that 8 of those people are missionaries). Lame. I expected more from these Northerners! 
2. This week I got to go on a wonderful exchange with the lovely Sister Miller. I spent a lovely day in the village of LAKE PLACID. Lake Placid is so smooth. It's like New York's version of Park City. So cool. They even held the winter olympics there in the 80's. Its cool.... literally. But it reminded me of home to be tucked into the side of the Adirondack Mountains. Also, I found a ice sculpture there... and a Gap. So that was all very exciting. 

3. Pageants! I swear Christmas pageant's are the missionary event of the season. Thus far we have attended two, and will be attending another tonight. So that's good. The one our church put on was very cute. But want to know what the best part was? SISTER CHURCH (MTC comp) and SISTER SMITH (trainer) CAME AND THEN WE HAD A SLEEPOVER AND IT WAS SO FUN! and that's all. 

The jokes:

1. While eating dinner with a member they told us we needed to "rock and wiggle" like a sumo wrestler to stretch out our stomach's so we could eat more. um....

2. "I'm makin' a Birthday cake for Jesus. So ya'll had better be there!" - (how we get invited places for Christmas). 

3. "His house should probably be condemned....but he has a sweet dog so..." - Elder

4. "He looked exactly like Floyd.... except he had a mustache so he was way different" - Elder

The uplifting:
1. FLOYD IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK! He is very excited and so so so ready. I'm so happy I can be here when this happens! Its weird to not have taught him the entire time, But I still know that there's a reason I'm here now! I'll keep you posted on how the baptism goes!

2. New investigator.  This lady  is probably the coolest investigator ever. Her mom was recently baptized. At her baptism, she felt the spirit so strong and realized she needed it in her life too. Since then she has been so solid and amazing. We had a really great lesson this week with her. Here's praying we can help her make the changes necessary to partake of the gospel! SHE IS SO GREAT!

3. So here's a cool story. Sister Bezzant and I were out trying to contact potentials. Well we go to a potentials house, knock on the door.... wait. Then we hear someone yell "COME IN!" (ugh. I hate it when people say that. like hello awkward situation. They act all surprised when you walk in and they are like "who are you?" and I'm like.... um you don't know me.... I don't know why you said come in. Awkward!) So anyway, we enter the house. The lady comes over and we ask for the name of the potential. Well she says "Sorry he doesn't live here." So then like any good missionary would, we start telling her who we are. She goes, "Oh you're Mormons? I love Mormons and the Mormon religion! My aunt is a Mormon and I used to live in Palmyra!" I'm sorry what?  Anyway she was in the middle of dinner but hopefully we can teach her soon! its those small tender mercies that keep me going you guys. 

...and a Christmas message:

So hey did you know that Christmas is in 9 days? Crazy. I'm getting way excited that's for sure! But this week we were told an incredible Christmas story. 

Let me set the stage first...

That morning I was having kind of a rough day. Like just feeling kind of blah. So I prayed that Heavenly Father would help me feel his love and recognize my purpose more. Then for lunch we went to a member's home, Sister Bond. We shared a Christmas message with her then after we were talking. She said "Sisters, I want to tell you my favorite Christmas memory and how I know God love us and blesses us."  So we consented and she began to tell this story....

It was many years ago. Back when her now grown boys were just kids. Sister Bond was very low on money and didn't know what she was going to do for Christmas. She pooled all her money and realized she would only be able to buy maybe one gift each for her boys. She went to her sons and told them they could pick one thing that they really really wanted for Christmas. She left the boys to think about it. A few minutes later the oldest boy came out and said "Mom, do you think we would have enough money to buy gifts for the family down the road?" The family down the road was struggling even more than they. The Bonds had tried to help them out on previous occasions as well. Sister Bond thought for a minute then said, "Yes, we could do that. You realize that means you wouldn't get any gifts for Christmas right?" They said that was ok. The boys had a wonderful time as they went to the store and picked out presents for the family down the street. They wrapped the presents and then a few days before Christmas, anonymously dropped them off at the family's door. 

The next day, Sister Bond was in the kitchen when she heard a knock on the door and a car speeding away. She went out to see who was there. When she opened the door she saw a huge box FULL of presents for her boys. Each boy ended up getting around 8 or 9 gifts. 

Sister Bond then told us that that single memory has meant more to her than any other Christmas story. She knew that because they sacrificed and did what the Savior would do, they were blessed. She said that she knows that God is there. That he is willing to bless us. That he loves us. That when we do what's right he will always, always bless us. 

That story touched my heart and I knew that it was an answer to me of how much Heavenly Father loves each of us! I know that if during this Christmas we focus on giving to our Savior we will be blessed 100 fold. 

And that was the week. :) HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY :)

Sister Langford



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