Monday, December 2, 2013

"Attack of the Killer Bird, Giant, Tall Saprano, & Potsdam temp is Cold but the members are Warm."

Hello everyone.

Well, needless to say, this week was absolutely crazy. But the good kind of crazy... right? Ok. So here is the news:

1. Goodbye to Cooperstown.
The week started out pretty sad. Just saying goodbye to everyone in Cooperstown. I definitely cried when I drove away from Grandma Dorothy and the Hopkins. It's hard to say goodbye to all these amazing people who have changed my life. But, I know Cooperstown is in good hands.

So here's the crazy story from my last day in Cooperstown. Sister Hansen and I were going to Grandma Dorothy's/Bruneau's for dinner. Well we went to knock on the door and all of a sudden a bird comes flying out at us and freaking out. Since it was stuck under a covered porch, it couldn't get out. All it could do was freak out and poop on us. So we are screaming and trying not to get hit by this bird. The Bruneau's thought for sure we were getting murdered out there. Toooo good.

2. Hello to Potsdam!
Ok here's the thing. Potsdam really is cold. Like way, way, way, cold. I should have listened to all these people. Bah, but it's ok because I also love it up here in the North Country. Here's whats happened so far....
-Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was great. We went to a couple of member's houses, the Tabors and the Garfields, who were so great and we died laughing and playing uno and.... it was one of the most fun times I've had with members on my mission. What I'm saying is, the members here are great and they make really good pumpkin pie :)

- Mr. F. Ok so Mr. F is the coolest investigator up here in Potsdam! He is great, comes to church every week and now we just have to set him up with a baptism date! We had a really powerful lesson with him about recognizing the spirit! We are really excited for his baptism. Also, he says he can tell just by looking at someone if they are a convert or a life long member. He knew I was a life long. I don't know how. Dang it.

- A less-active told me the first thing she thought when she saw me was, "She looks like Taylor Swift," so that made my week. Then when I told her I met Taylor Swift, we became best friends.

- One of our investigators daughters made me a friendship bracelet. (I'm really getting in with these north country folks).

...and that's basically the random goods.
Are you ready for funny things now? Good.
- *Investigator's 6 year old, daughter*
"What?! You can't be a missionary! You are waaaay too big! She's like a giant!"

--*Standing up while singing in the choir*
"Oh wow! You are the tallest soprano we've had in a while."

(I don't know why people up here can't get over my height. It's like they've never seen a tall person).

- Brother Tabor- "Hey are missionaries allowed to have snow ball fights?"
Elder- "um.... I don't think so..."

Brother Tabor- "Perfect. You will be defenseless. Hey elders, wanna come outside for a minute?"

Anyway, so far so good in Potsdam! I'm hopeful for this place and excited to see how things go! Ready for trudging through some serious snow :)
Sister Langford


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