Monday, March 24, 2014

"Coldest Winter in 95 years, 5 investigators at church, and our Investigator was "Jimmered" in High School."

Hello my friends! Norwood in the spring time is going so so good. Oh wait.... it's still below freezing. Last week our mission president said this is the coldest winter they've had in New York since 1919. I'm super glad I could be a part of it all....
anyway, lets talk about the week shall we?

The rad missionary stuff...
1. GUYS! We had 5 investigators at church this week! It was so good and so stressful! Ah man, I love it when people say they are going to come to church... and then they actually do it! Its seriously the best! ok... let me tell you who was there and what they have been up to!
                #1:   Still having ups and downs. One minute is a solid rock... and the next  as flimsy as a toothpick... but we still have so much faith in them! I'm serious , this person is so so great! We weren't really able to meet with them this week... but we pray for them non-stop... so that's got to count for something! We asked this person if  there was anything we could do for them and they said "just pray!" and then we all just started laughing .   "It's just so funny now because I already know you girls pray for me all the time!" oh... if only they knew!
        #2:  Oh man. He is so so so solid. We had a super bomb lesson with him this week and he was like "yup I'm going out of town for a few weeks in April, but when I get back I hope to be baptized, and I've already found which church of yours I will attend while I'm out there!" Its people like him that make me love being a missionary!
        #3:  yup, this person  made it out again. It was good to have this individual there! Its always baby steps with her, but we keep trying :) This week when we were trying to read the Book of Mormon with them and they just kept burning these cookies they were making, and then the fire alarm would go off... it was quite a riot... and as you could guess, not much Book of Mormon reading was actually done. Buuuuuuuut.... what do you do?
        #4: - So happy! They've made it two weeks in a row! And even with some issues they have they still made it out to church and lets us in their home to teach them. Its so so great. We had a really solid lesson with them this week. They have a couple of obstacles to overcome, but we have faith that Heavenly Father will help them ;) They are so funny and have so much potential! Ah they are great!
*Now a couple of cool stories about investigators who didn't come to church (darn them :) ) *

#1. We keep working with her and trying to help her. Its so hard because she has this incredible and solid testimony... but she always lets things knock her down and sway her and hold her back. Its kind of frustrating. So anyway, we went over for lunch with her and a friend (they sure do love feeding the missionaries!) and she was just curled up on the couch looking like she was going to die. Well her friend insisted that we still eat lunch and everything, so we do. Well we are about to leave, and we realize how bad her situation really is. She was just sobbing and couldn't move. Her friend THEN tells us that she has been like that for almost 3 days and wouldn't go to the doctor. It was so heart breaking. So we went over and tried to think of SOMETHING we could do to help. All of a sudden I knew we had to ask if she wanted a blessing. She said she would love a blessing. So we went and called the elders. They came, and gave her a blessing, which was such a powerful moment. All the chaos and stress that had been in the home just moments earlier dissipated. There was this indescribable calm that came over the room. She calmed down as well. After the elders left we kind of just crouched down by her and held her hand and bore testimony to her that she would be healed according to her faith. That Heavenly Father had a plan for her. That life was hard, but her adversity and her affliction would be but a small moment. It was a powerful moment. We finally left and decided we would fast and pray for her healing as well. AND THAT'S WHEN THE MIRACLE HAPPENED. The next day, we went to check on her, and she was 100% better. She said she woke up that morning and felt totally fine. There is seriously no other explanation other than Heavenly Father healing her and answering our prayers. It was so amazing. AH. testimony builder FOR SURE!

3. Brandon. Ok so we picked up a new investigator this week by the name of Brandon. He also lives with Floyd. (Floyd is the most boss missionary I know.) So we are teaching Brandon the restoration and he is just LOVING it. Like every single thing he is like "YES! that's exactly what I was wondering!" and so on. It was so solid. So then, we invite him to be baptized, he says "YES!" We give him a Book of Mormon and ask him to read it and he says "YES!" and then this story unfolds which just threw me for a loop!......
Brandon- "Yeah, I actually used to have a Book of Mormon and I've read a little bit. My high school buddie gave it to me... but then I lost it!"
us- "oh that's way sweet!"
Brandon- "Yeah, I don't really see that friend much anymore. he went out to Brigham Young University..."
Sister Davis- "Hey! She went to BYU!"
me- "yup I did!"
Brandon- "No way! When did you go there? Maybe you know him?"
me- "I went last year... but Its a pretty big school so I kind of doubt it!"
Brandon- "oh yeah he had graduated by then. And now he plays professional basketball."
Sister Davis- "wait... what? Who is your friend?"
Brandon- "oh his name is Jimmer Fredette!"
me- "I'm sorry WHAT!?! Your friend who gave you your first Book of Mormon was JIMMER?"
We were freaking out. Oh man too good. So anyway, now we just hope that if he gets baptized Jimmer will fly out for the baptism! hahaha

4. Ah... the ups and downs. So we had this one day... where we started the day by dropping some of our investigators.  It was a hard move.. but had to be done. Then we had an appointment with someone, who we picked up last week, and she dropped us! Such is missionary life :/ I guess we are always learning the gospel. Even though I study the gospel all the time and teach it to people everyday, I feel like there is still so much I don't understand. But, that's the cool thing. We always are growing and learning. Thankfully Heavenly Father is forever patient and kind and helps me out everyday. He's always teaching me :)

1. "You all must avoid the fiery darts of the cold" - President Wirthlin
2. *at a member baptism, talk being given by the girls who was baptized's brother*
"For those of you who didn't remember.... my sister was just baptized. Like, 5 or 10 minutes ago."
3. *This is how our correlation meetings go*
Elder 1- " Well, HE started to teach them..."
Elder 2- "NO I DIDN'T!"
Elder 1- "YES YOU DID! He started to teach them about how... if you mixed a goat and a human..."
Elder 2- *laughing*
Elder 1- "But anyway, somehow... she felt the spirit, so we have a return appointment!"
Well, that's our week kids! Hey everyone (actually just the girls, guys you can go about your usual business!) Don't forget about the women's broadcast this Saturday night! It's going to be so so good! ok. That's all! :)
Well love you all! Have a stellar week!
Sister Langford

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