Monday, March 10, 2014

"#soblessed with new investigators, fry pan key lime pie, & LOVING MISSIONARY WORK!"

Hello everyone.
Oh my goodness you guys this week was insanely awesome. Can I go on for 1000000 years about how much I love being a missionary? Ok thanks. So lets get to the story.
This week Sister Davis and I were really struggling with the idea of dropping a bunch of our investigators. It's seriously the worst thing to do. You don't want to give up faith on these people... but seriously they aren't going anywhere. It's a real inner battle. So when we were weekly planning we finally got up the strength to drop some of them. But when we did it, I felt ok about it. I received a confirmation that Heavenly Father wouldn't leave us high and dry but would help us find new people to teach. So we went forward with faith.
We went and had lunch with a girl we recently met.   (Remember the girl in the story last week who randomly came to church after a recent convert rescued her?) So our plan was to just kind of feel out the situation, see what she was thinking about the whole situation. So we start to talk with her and she is like, "Ya, I'm ready to learn whatever you have to teach me!" So we jump in with the restoration. After we explained the first vision I asked her, "So what do you think about what we just explained?" She goes, "Oh, I know its true." um..... So then we start to explain the Book of Mormon and she's like, "Yeah, I've already started to read that, and I prayed about it, and I know its true!" WHAT?!?!?! I'm like "Heavenly Father led you here for a reason..." and she just gets so so excited and is like "I KNOW!" So then we ask her to be baptized and she says "YES!" So excited and with tears in her eyes. So good. We all seriously left on cloud nine. I literally don't think there is a single person on the whole world who is more prepared than she is.
She came to church again this week and we were all happy. We had dinner with her that night, and she seemed a bit distraught. She was feeling all these mixed emotions and was so unsure about it all. Then we sat down with her and had the most powerful lesson I have ever had a part of my whole mission. There were at least 5 times where we would say something and she would say "You don't even know... that is an answer to my prayers." By the end of the lesson the spirit was so strong and she was so excited again. I can't even tell you how excited I am for her. Her testimony of Christ blows me away. I'm SO EXCITED to keep you guys posted on her progress because she is seriously amazing.
Ok. so that would be a blessing enough. BUT THEN.
At church this Sunday we had another amazing blessing. Mr. D (a guy who has been coming to church for a while now and is brothers with a really solid member) came up to us and said, "If I want to be taught by the missionaries now, who do I talk to? um..... WHAT! So we are going to meet with him this week. I'm not kidding. You take a step of faith, and Heavenly Father literally drops prepared people in your lap. WE ARE SO BLESSED.
Ok so you thought that was the end? nope.
We went and saw Floyd this week, (as we always love doing), and what do you know, there is a new person living with Floyd by the name of Mr B who sat in on our lesson and is very interested to learn for himself. So we have a lesson with him this week too. (Ok seriously? What is going on right now?)
...and now you are like... seriously Sister Langford.... is that it?
Nope. THEN we get a random phone call from this guy who apparently the sisters had tracked into FOREVER ago and then left him with a card with our number. AND HE CALLED US...and he wants to meet. So moral of the story. Heavenly Father really isn't joking when he says he will bless us. Letting go of those who aren't progressing is so hard, but look at what Heavenly Father gives us when we move forward with faith. #soblessed
And our other investigators seem to be doing pretty sweet too. I would tell you all of their stories... but time is limited.
So are you ready for some laughs?
1. Sister Davis and I thought it would be a good idea to make a boxed key lime pie during lunch one day. Unfortunately we don't have a pie tin... or a beater.... so we ended up making it in a frying pan and trying to wisk the cream with forks as fast as we could. It turned out like one of those pinterest fails... but it still tasted good! During the process Sister Davis said, "I feel like this is something that elders would do!"
2. We played "Don't eat the prophet" with our nine year old investigator. It went well. it turned into everyone screaming "DON'T EAT THE PROPHET!" at each other... but I think she learned what a prophet was from it! Haha
3. *at a dinner appointment. Kids going crazy and running under the table*
"I think you guys have a lot of dogs... and cats... and monkeys... and mice..." -Sister Davis
*little girl gets all serious* "You aren't joking about the mice!" - Zoya
4. We are doing a missionary fireside this week and for part of it we are doing a skit about missionary work. This is how one elder explains missionaries teaching in the MTC...
"So... um.... Jesus, he came to earth and.... Families are important... um... so.... We can become God's some day"
......too good.
Well, I love you all! Thanks for all the prayers and support! They are being felt! Have a blessed week :)
Sister Langford

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