Monday, March 31, 2014

"Complaint with Mother Nature, Awesome Conference, STAYING, "Ketchup"on my blog, Tours of Outer Darkness, & Unfinshed Story."


Oh my stars. I would like to begin this blog post with a small complaint to mother nature. You guys. It seriously snowed 10-12 inches Saturday night. A WHOLE FOOT. And do you know what they went and did? They canceled church. That is the third time that's happened since my time in Norwood. I just want to say I'm so done with winter. Ok. I'm glad I could get that one out of the way...

On a positive note...


I'm pretty stoked about it! That means I will be at least 6 months here too. I'd be surprised if I had more than 3 areas on my mission. But that is so ok because I am pretty much in love with this little north country town.

So this week was.... pretty interesting. Honestly, not my best week of missionary work. Buuuuut... we keep going strong. Let me tell you about some of the stuff.


1. EXCHANGES. Hey so we went on exchange again this week. I had the joy of working with the wonderful Sister Curtis again in Norwood, which was so so fun. Ah I love that Sister to pieces :) We had such a good time, many laughs were shared. Sister Davis got to go on exchange to Plattsburgh with Sister Malavasi. Get this, Sister Malavasi is from ITALY. So that's pretty exciting. She is among the funniest people I have ever met in my life. No one can figure out if her crazy humor comes from being Italian, or if its just her. Love it.

2. WOMEN'S CONFERENCE. Did you all watch the Women's Conference? Ah man it was so so good. We had a wonderful little "Slumber Party" activity before and then watched the broadcast. It was so fun. But... we invited one of our investigators and oh my goodness. Lets just say that after the "I am a child of God" video she yelled out " DUN DUN DUUUUN..." gotta love the North Country.

3. MISSIONARY FIRESIDE. We also put on a missionary fireside for the youth of the branch. It was so so sweet. I think it really got the youth excited for missions and the spirit was so strong. Plus, leave it to the elders to make it super hysterical. Goooooooood times.


1.  Investigator E.   Well.... She has taken many a step back which is pretty disappointing for us. We keep praying that things will look up, and we still love her to pieces :)

2. Let's just say we had a pretty interesting experience with a less-active and leave it at that.



1. Investigator D. We had the most bomb lesson with him. We did a church tour with him and taught him about the priesthood and baptism and all that amazing stuff. He was just so happy to be there. We finished in the chapel and committed him to be BAPTIZED. The spirit was so good. We are seeing him again today, so hopefully we can keep him going strong on the path.

2. Investigator Couple. They are still just so so solid. We had another wonderful dinner with them and taught then about keeping the Sabbath day holy. And you know, they totally would have come to church again... if we had had church :/ But they are seriously making some awesome progress! We had the funniest lesson with them (quotes to follow). 

3. THE EXPERIENCE. Ok. So here is my cool, yet unfinished story, so hopefully I will have more to it next week... but here's the first half. So once a month we volunteer at a food pantry in Madrid. Well I prayed before we left that we would be able to find teaching opportunities from our service and that we would be able to recognize them. There are always a ton of people there, so you would think it would be a good finding opportunity. Well we got there, and they were a bit short staffed, so we spent the entire two hours carrying huge boxes of food up the stairs and to peoples cars (that was our workout for the day). Well every time we would come back down I kept noticing this younger girl with a new born baby. She had been to the food pantry before and I had talked to her... but never gave it much thought. She just kept smiling at us, every time we passed. When we left the food pantry that day, I realized, "Oh my goodness! THAT was who Heavenly Father wanted me to talk to... and I didn't. I was so bummed. I had no way of finding her again. No address, no phone number, I didn't even know her name! Anyway, I was feeling pretty lame and prayed that we would be able to find her again. LAST MONDAY we are strolling around Walmart, when who should we see but THAT GIRL. So we stopped and talked to her. Just small talk, she told us about her baby.... but she walked away before we could bring it back to the gospel. TWO opportunities missed. So... then I was feeling pretty bummed. and that's where to story ends. BUT. I have faith that this week (or at least soon!) we will find her. I'm telling you, Heavenly Father put her in our path for a reason, and when we see her again, she is not getting away without a message of Jesus Christ! So let's all pray that I will soon have a sweet end to that story. But either way, I know Heavenly Father heard and answered my prayer :)


1. "What if I just wanted to do a quick tour of outer-darkness? Like, 'and to your right you will see darkness, and to your left you will see... more darkness."

"Maybe there's a gift shop and you could get a shirt that says 'I went to outer-darkness and back and all I got was this lousy t shirt" - Dinner at a members home.

2. "So you are telling me I can't tell even little white lies? So if you come in here with all your crazy warpaint on your face am I supposed to tell you you look nice?" -Nels

3. "Yes I know I have fallen a bit behind Nels in my reading!" - Jo

"Ya, you are like the family of tomatoes walking down the street and the baby tomato falls behind. So the dad tomato smacks him and yells 'KETCHUP!' " - Nels

4. "#whydowebringherwithus" -Sister Davis

Well, that was the week everyone! Oh my goodness I almost forgot! GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEK. How stoked are you all? AH! Ok well, to get you excited I'm going to finish with a quote...

"This is HIS general conference. I promise you in His name that if you pray with a sincere desire to hear your Heavenly Father's voice in the message of this conference, you will discover that He has spoken to you to help you, to strengthen you, and to lead you home into His presence." -Robert D. Hales

Sister Langford

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