Saturday, April 6, 2013

Fab Five Friday: Saturday?

You. guys.
I cannot believe I missed Fab Five Friday! Like, who even am I? So sorry! It was a crazy day yesterday, but luckily I am willing to give you a Fab Five Saturday! So yay!

So this past week has been pretty great. With the semester reaching its end and the weather warming up this week has just been fantastic. Let me tell you about some of the fun things!


So like my family abandoned me on Easter and decided to go to St. George. I was unfortunately not invited because of school! Bogus am I right? Anyway, I did get to spend Easter with my cute cousins who are probably my favorite people alive. It ended up being supes fun!


As I already informed you, this past week I was involved in a prank war. I love pranks. It was so fun, but unfortunately the RA's shut us down! I guess its for the best. The pranks were getting pretty intense!


So, I'm in love with Jef Holm. If you don't know who Jef Holm is please go cry for yourself. Anyway, on Sunday I received a SnapChat from Jef Holm. I GOT A FREAKING SNAPCHAT FROM JEF HOLM!!!! I cried a little when I saw it. That is all.


Last Saturday I decided to break the mold of every single person in Utah County. Instead of going to the Festival of Colors with all the hooligans, I went to the Draper Temple with my peeps. It was good times. And seriously, the Draper Temple is gorgeous. Go visit it!


I finally had a chance to hit up the Waffle Luv truck that everyone is obsessed with! Let me tell you, they are not lying! Those waffles were off the chain! Dude, if you see that truck, stop everything you are doing and eat a waffle. You will not regret it.

Well... Thats all for today! Hope you all have a wonderful conference weekend!


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