Monday, April 8, 2013

Mish Monday: The Wave

It's Monday again. Mondays are always the hardest day for me to get through without wanting to collapse into a comma. But heres the thing, does anyone ever wake up on a Monday morning and be like "YES! I'm so glad my weekend is over! I'm super stoked to walk around in the rain and sit through boring classes! Its gonna be AWESOME!" no. No one in the history of ever has uttered that sentence. It just hasn't happened.

But, have you ever noticed that the Monday after General Conference is exceptionally hard? I mean, I love conference. Best weekends of the year. But the Monday following it is always impossible to get through. Stay strong my friends. We can do it.

In order to help you stay strong through out this dreary Monday I present, Mish Monday: The Wave.

Remember how all through conference everyone was talking about missionaries and I was loving it so much? I was seriously so inspired by all the messages about the youth going out to serve!  I am so proud to be one of the 20,000 waiting to enter the MTC.

I am so amazed by how quickly this work is going forth! I am so proud of all my friends who have decided to serve the Lord! Check out these super cute and inspiring printables from this General Conference! 

You can find more here! I definitely plan on printing a bunch of these out for the mission! They are so inspiring and perfect reminders of the amazing things we learned this weekend! I truly am grateful to be a member of this church! My testimony has been strengthened so much, especially over this past year! I am so excited to go forth and serve!

Happy Monday!


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