Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Trend Tuesday: Mixin' it up

That's right fools. Langford is back up and bloggin'! I am proud to say I have completed all my finals with only minor lasting damages! I seriously cannot explain to you how happy I am to not have to take another test for TWO YEARS! HOLLA!

Anyway, lets get back to business as usual. ;)

Today is Trend Tuesday and I want to show you my favorite trend of all time.

The trend I base every fashion decision I have ever made off of...


Rule number one: Mix all the patterns. 

If there is one rule about mixing patterns its that there really aren't any rules! It seems you can mix anything with anything and it can work! I mean, use some discretion of course, but I say mix all the patterns! I'm actually a fan of pairing two patterns that seem unexpected, yet somehow work! like, check out these mixes :)

Rule number two: monochromatic yo.

If you are not quite daring enough for that, try to keep it a little simpler by making all of your patterns one color. It still give you an interesting look without being too "in your face"

Rule number three: neutrals are a pattern mixer's best friend.

If you are ever unsure which pattern to mix, try a neutral one. Black and white, tan, gray, navy. A pattern in any of these colors will go with anything. I personally am a huge fan of mixing cheetah print (a classic neutral pattern) with EVERYTHING!

Rule number four: choose a color scheme.

If you stick with a color scheme, it makes it easier for your pattern mixing to not overwhelm your friends. plus, people will probably like you more if there aren't concerned that you are going crazy because of your insane mix of patterns.

Rule number five: stripes mix with everything. 

When in doubt, stripe it out. Stripes are the little black dress of patterns. They and classic necessities that will go with anything!! you can dress them up, or down. But seriously, if you want to mix things up, try pairing a striped patterns with any other pattern you can find!

Happy mixing :)


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  1. You don't know how happy it makes me that you have a post FINALLY. (;

    I feel like I literally can never wear stripes without mixing another pattern with it. Usually floral, as you know.

    Love you! Job well done.