Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's Day: A Lesson on How to Deal.

Here's the thing. I live for a good prank. Seriously, what is better than April Fool's Day? But I have to let you unexperienced prankers know that the April Fool's events can be stressful if you do not how to deal. Here are some tips on how to prank, and be pranked.

1. Gain prank-ee's trust.
If the prank-ee believes they can trust you and that you are not the "pranking type", this is a good thing. Use their ignorance to your advantage. The secret to a good prank is the element of surprise.

2. Get a double-agent on your side
If you have someone on the inside to assist you, you can really take your pranks to a new level. Double-agents are a necessity in real prank wars.

3. Trust no one.
You work alone. No one can be trusted. This is war.

4. Show no mercy.
Like I said, this is war. But really though, try to only do pranks that you wouldn't cry if they happened to you. So like, maybe show a little mercy.

5. Live in fear until they react.
Once you have pranked someone, be ready for serious back lash. No one, and I mean no one, is going to let you prank them with out getting revenge. Its the circle of pranking. So be on your guard because you never know how they will get you back.

6. Commence prank war.
Once they have retaliated, its on. Be ready with new prank ideas, because the time for revenge is at hand.

Take a quick look at the beginnings of my current prank war...

We covered their door in Seran Wrap, then filled it with cereal. When they opened their door, 5 bags of cereal came flooding onto their feet! Holla for pranks! We also trashed their car... #thuglyfe

Check out these sweet pranks so you will be ready for your upcoming prank war...

Good luck kids. And may the odds be ever in your favor.



  1. This was not mish monday, and I'm a little upset about that.
    Buuuut I still love this lots, and want to hear how the cereal prank went.

    1. Don't worry Tessie Face! I just posted a Mish Monday! This was just a little bonus for my favorite holiday! :)

  2. Wow, love your ideas. I've liked tried all of with you. #prankwarfeva