Monday, April 1, 2013

Mish Monday: New York?

I love it when people ask me where I am serving my mission because it always lead to a really funny conversation. Pretty much every time, this is how the convo goes:

Random Person: Oh! You are going on a mission? Where are you serving?

Me: New York Utica mission!

RP: Ah! New York! So the big city?

Me: No.... Its more like upstate New York.

RP: Oh! So like all the cool church history sites? Hill Cumorah? The Sacred Grove?

Me: Um... No. Nope thats another mission.

RP: So what is in your mission then?

Me: Cows mostly. And trees I suppose.

RP: Oh... cool... *awkwardly smiles and walks away*

Basically what I'm saying is that it is a super fun conversation to have. Anyway, Happy Mish monday! I hope you are all making it through the day! Since I already posted today, this is all I have for you for the Mish Monday segment! But I'll see ya tomorrow for Trend Tuesday! Holla!

Stay Classy


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