Saturday, April 13, 2013

temples x 4

So... sorry about fab five friday. It just slipped right through my fingers again! Something about blogging on Friday just has not been working for me apparently! So instead of doing that, I want to tell you about my fun temple trip today!

So one of my cute friends here at the BYU made it a goal to visit all the temples in Utah! Today we visited four of the northern temples.

5:30 am:
stumble out of bed. throw on a skirt and top that hopefully match. get in car.

7:30 am:
 arrive at Logan temple. baptisms. ask random stranger to take picture. be blown away by intense winds.

9:30 am:
eat 3 blueberry granola bars. arrive at the Brigham City temple. baptisms. awkward photo asking. bounce.

10:30 am:
arrive in Ogden. find temple construction site. take an awkward picture by it while construction workers give you death looks.

11:00 am:
Eat a sweet burger and fries via five guys. stroll to a charming cupcake shop titled "ye old cupcakes". chat with cupcake guy. eat delicious cupcake.

12:30 pm:
arrive at Bountiful temple. avoid 2 wedding parties. baptisms. awkwardly ask someone to take a picture while they are being pelted with rain. sprint to car.

1:30 pm:
drive back to P-town. shower. take nap. reminisce on the fantastic times you had at the house of the Lord.


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