Thursday, April 4, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday: Beautify.

Hey peeps!
So today I wanted to talk to you about something a bit more serious! After talking to my cute friend I felt really strongly that I should write a post about this today. What are we talking about?


 In the world we live in it is so easy to get caught up in negative thoughts. It is easy too look down on yourself and not feel confident and beautiful. I want to tell you that you are beautiful and amazing and awesome. I know it is so difficult to feel secure in who you are when the world around you says there is only one way to look. I want to strongly tell you that this is not true. Beauty is not about fitting into the cookie cutter mold society has cut for us. Beauty is about loving who God made you to be. 

We can find confidence in looking at our bodies through an eternal perspective. In the premortal life, we desperately wanted a body. We knew receiving a body was the only way we could be like God, which is our ultimate goal. We didn't care what our body looked like, we just wanted to love and take care of it! When we came to earth we were shot with negative comments from every angle. Magazines telling us how to loose weight, fix our hair, and become THEIR type of beautiful. Many have lost hope, deciding their body isn't good enough. They decided they hate their body, the greatest gift from God. They hate this beautiful tool that was given to them to help them to become like our Father in Heaven. How incredibly sad is that?

Everyone needs to understand that there is not just one perfect body, face, hair, etc. Beauty isn't about being a size zero. I think it is so crushing that amazing girls have had their view narrowed by people they don't know.

I think it is crucial that we understand our worth. That our beauty extends beyond what the people around you may think. Whenever you are feeling down on yourself remember how beautiful you are in the eyes of your Heavenly Father. Remember how much potential you have. Remember to not put yourself in this ridiculous box society has made. Remember that you are beautiful.

Now watch this video

Remember, the best way to gain confidence is through your Father in Heaven. Remember that when we live our lives so that others can see Christ through us, we are the most beautiful we can be. I know I have days where I struggle with this, but by remembering my worth and praying for peace I have been able to find real confidence in who I am! I love you all and want you to know how beautiful you truly are!


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  1. Love this (: even took a screen shot of it for safe keeping. Nicely said, that was perfect! #youvedoneitagain