Friday, May 3, 2013

Fab Five Friday: La Republica Dominicana

Hey folks.

So I just returned from a wonderful vacation to the Dominican Republic! I know... It's a weird place to go, but it was the greatest.

lets fill you in fab five friday style.


the beaches. 

They were freaking stunning. every beach we visited was like heaven on earth! I seriously cannot get enough of laying on the beach. I need to move somewhere where the ocean is more accessible...


the driving. 

 oh my gosh. the way dominicans drive may be one of my favorite things about their country. They are all freaking nuts. basically they have come to three conclusions that we in the US have yet to reach. 

1. you may pass... always. like, there is literally never a time when you can't pass. a two lane rode is big enough for three cars and a couple of scooters right?

2. there is no limit to the amount of people you can cram on a scooter. I have seen families of six on a teeny scooter. explain that to me. also, helmets.... very optional. and they usually seem to end up just carrying them, rather than wear them on their cabeza's. 

3. drunk driving is allowed. 

don't ask. 


monkey jungle. 

 we went to this sweet place where you can have little squirrel monkeys crawl all over you! let me tell you, it was crazy. I was moderately terrified, but then i realized they had soft little people hands. so I was chill with it. I mean seriously, look at these monkeys!


waterfall excursion. 

 unfortunately because they are in a bit of a drought, there weren't as many waterfalls as was promised, but it was still pretty fun! lots of jumping, sliding, and swimming! also bummer... no pics of this! obviously couldn't bring a camera because it would get wet! so like... just look at this pic of my dad and I at la playa. 



 so like, my dad is super into survivor right now. don't ask me why. so while in the dominican we watched an entire season of the show! it was actually kind of a fun, relaxing way to spend the evening... I mean, I can't complain :)

well, its good to be back! thanks for sticking with me while I've been a slacker!


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  1. Ok I love this. The last picture of you and the monkeys is a winner. And the, "then i realized they had soft little people hands" made me giggle. Looks soooo fun!