Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday: Gatsby? ... What Gatsby?


I am for real fan-girling out of my mind right now. I'm not even going to lie to ya'll, I've see The Great Gatsby twice already. also, I may or may not have ordered a Gatsby sweatshirt... but that is irrelevant.

here's what is relevant, I LOVE THE GREAT GATSBY.

like, it may soon take the place of my favorite movie. seriously.

now, I hear there are some nay-sayers who either didn't want to see the movie, heard it got bad reviews and turned their noses up to it, or just didn't really like it.

let me tell you why they are wrong, and you must see it.

1. LEO. duh. 

like, are we kidding? Leo is proof that things only get better with age. I think I died a little at his performance. he was born to play Gatsby.

2. The Story

Do not be turned off because you hated your eleventh grade english teacher who forced you to read the book. he probably almost ruined it for you. but, I need you to overlook this painful memory and take a chance on this beautiful, tragic love story. It is so symbolic and lovely and moving. It brought me to tears at least once (ok maybe more than that). This is not a story for the faint of heart. This movie makes you think. but, don't the best movies? 

3. The Art Direction. 

I have never loved a movie more simply because of the artfulness of it. The shots. The scenery. The costumes. THE MUSIC. The way they had words come across the screen. It was all so artful, yet tasteful. There were so many ways they could have crossed the line, yet they executed it perfectly. As my dear friend Katy would say, "This movie is an Art Deco dream." 

If this all is not reason enough, then I do not know what to say to you. Go see the movie. Then come back, and tell me what you thought! What you loved, what you wish they would have changed, how you feel it compares to the book... all of it. 

also, someone get me an invite to one of Gatsby's parties. 

that is all. 


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