Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thoughts For Thursday: With a Dash of Wardrobe

Top: Forever 21  Belt: Target    Jeans: American Eagle  Shoes: old (similar here

So hey.

Ya'll were whining that I didn't do Wardrobe Wednesday yesterday... so I figured I would throw in some wardrobe with today's thoughts. It's kinda fun I guess.

Today I wanted to do a post that one of my friends told me about. It's based off of this quote by our dear Audrey...

So basically, I wanted to tell you what I believe.

I believe in second and third chances.
I believe that a girl can never have too many shoes, or scarves.
I believe in laughing more often than crying.
I believe in never stepping down and speaking what's on my mind.
I believe in loving everyone. Even those who are hard to love.
I believe in Christ.
I believe in never making excuses to not have fabulous hair.
I believe in family.
I believe in friends.
I believe in always looking on the bright side, even when its hard to find.
I believe in being a little weird.
I believe in never doing things that make you unhappy.
I believe in faith, hope, and charity.
I believe.


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  1. haha "I believe in kissing. I believe in kissing a lot." cracks me up!
    Love your blog, I just started following. Feel free to stop by mine anytime and return the favor :)